Where to park

Parking in Kendal over the Festival weekend is limited and we recommend using public transport where possible (a single bus fare in most of the Lake District will be just £2.00 over the Festival).

If you are driving to the Festival please consider car sharing using a website like Liftshare. We have a Kendal Mountain Festival Liftshare webpage and there is also a BMC Liftshare webpage.

There is very limited parking available in the immediate vicinity of the Brewery Arts Centre and Town Hall (Highgate). Rather than setting your Sat Nav for the centre of town (and potentially getting stuck in traffic on Highgate or around the one way system) we recommend you point yourself towards a car park / location further away and enjoy a short stroll/bus/train/taxi ride to the Festival.

Please always be respectful when parking and remember that the ongoing support and success of the Festival relies on the goodwill of local residents.

If you do drive into Kendal we recommend you plan ahead and look for parking options using these websites. Please note these are all external websites not affiliated with the festival:

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