Visual Art

Visual art comes alive at Kendal

Come and enjoy the visual arts exhibitions at Kendal Mountain Festival where we work to platform a incredible range of local and national artists. It's a privilege to showcase their incredible work and we hope you enjoy this opportunity to see their work up close. Dive in and discover each artist’s contribution to the ‘Outdoor’ genre and their personal celebration of landscape, nature and place.

Tom McNally - Beneath The Fells Photography Exhibition


What Lies Beneath - Lost Mines of The Lake District.

Few people know that beneath the Lakeland Fells lies a vast network of passages and caverns, hewn over hundreds of years by miners exploiting Cumbria's rich mineral and metal deposits. In this spectacular exhibition, acclaimed adventure photographer Tom McNally takes us on a stunning visual journey through these spaces, exposing an industry at the very heart of the The Lake District.

Presented by Petzl.

Sugar Store Gallery at the Brewery Arts Centre, 122a Highgate, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 4HE. 

Beyond the Summits - Victoria Hodgson


"Beyond the Summits: A Visual Expedition into the Heart of the Lake District"

Embark on a breathtaking visual perspective with "Beyond the Summits," an exploration of the Lake District's majestic mountains through the lens of art.Each artwork is a window to the soul of the Lake District, capturing the essence of its mountains in hues and textures that evoke emotion and awe. "Beyond the Summits" transcends traditional views, offering a fresh visual perspective that goes beyond the mere portrayal of nature. Immerse yourself in the interplay of light and shadow, and the silent grandeur of the mountains as seen through the eyes of Victoria, inviting you to experience the profound beauty that lies beyond the summits.

Cumbrian artist Victoria draws her inspiration from the rugged beauty of the Lake District's mountains and wilderness. With a lifelong love of the great outdoors, her artistic journey has been a reflection of her deep connection with the natural world and the ever changing moods of the Cumbrian landscape that has stolen her heart and continues to inspire her every day.Victoria's artworks are an invitation to rekindle your own connection with the great outdoors and appreciate the enchanting landscapes that have influenced her artistic journey.

What is it That Will Last?


A contemporary multimedia art exhibition which explores Julie Brook’s deep and immersive relationship with art and the rural landscapes she inhabits.

What is it That Will Last? is an exhibition spanning recent works made by Julie Brook in the Outer Hebrides, in the Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan and Cumbria.Running throughout the galleries of Abbot Hall, What is it That Will Last? offers an insight into an extraordinary and ongoing body of work that is often created in remote places. Incorporating film, sound, photography and drawing, the visitor is invited to explore the artist’s deep and immersive relationship with the landscape.

Brook’s work frequently emerges from her inhabitation of a landscape and its materials. Exposed to the full range of natural forces, these works are often transient in character, or eventually eroded by the elements.The exhibition coincides with the publication of the book What is it That Will Last? Land and Tidal Art of Julie Brook. This publication offers a rich and expansive visual record of Julie Brook’s artistic practice and proposes a unique collaboration between Brook and distinct voices from the nature writing and craftsmanship traditions.

Abbot Hall, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 5AL



The interplay of ‘Light and Land’ come to life through the captivating new photographic and painting exhibition of local Artist Juliet Klottrup.

Juliet records her time immersed in the region, capturing its essence through a blend of landscapes, portraiture, and abstract compositions.These images portray not only the raw rural landscapes but also the people Juliet has encountered during her extensive explorations of the area, individuals who inhabit and intimately connect with the land.

The photographic images are meticulously captured on an analogue film camera, preserving a contemporary archive through medium format film.This collection serves as a living record, capturing a distinct moment in our ever-evolving social and environmental history.

In the transition from photographic negatives to paintings, Juliet references the landscapes responding to the lingering sensory experiences of these environments. Translating them into abstraction Infusing her canvases with colour, light, and movement.

“Light and Land” beautifully explores the relationship between the raw natural world and the human connections it inspires.

Cross Lane, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 5LB.

Free admission. 

Tor Falcon - Cumberland Drawings


The visual language of Tor Falcon’s quiet and subtle pastels could be seen as archaic, reminiscent of the Nash brothers, Eric Raviilous or Edward Bawden, but she attends so closely to whats’s in front of her that it doesn’t seem second hand at all.

The places she depicts in her new work are all found within a mile of the house in Loweswater, and the inventive pictorial devices she uses show how the most ordinary and the the familiar can be seen afresh, only made possible because of her deep knowledge of the place and her ability to inhabit it in her own way.

The 54 views of Grasmoor seen from the house form an installation in themselves, and point to exciting new possibilities in her work.

Heaton Cooper Gallery, Grasmere, LA22 9SX



In Search Of Those Who Listen Still

Drokpa: Nomads of the High Himalaya The dro (to move or go) pa (people) have roamed the Tibetan plateau for centuries, their lives inextricably connected to the land and rhythm of the ever-changing cycles of nature.

Belonging to the land and not defined by borders - these nomadic pastoralists are scattered across the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalaya in Nepal, India, Bhutan and China.

Despite their extraordinary resilience, the Drokpa are facing threats to their way of life through forced assimilation and as this remote mountain environment is impacted by the changing climate, it becomes increasingly hostile to supporting human life on the move.

Cat Vinton is an award-winning adventure and ethnographic photographer, with a sensitivity for capturing the human spirit and the interconnections between humans and the natural world. For over a decade, she has lived with some of the last remaining nomadic communities across the High Himalaya, the Arctic Circle, the Gobi Desert and the Andaman Sea, documenting their way of life. Drawn to their rugged spirit and lightness of being, Cat has witnessed their ability to live in balance with the natural world.


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