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Kendal Mountain has a distinct identity and the strongest reach in Outdoor culture which makes us particularly attractive to multiple communities and diverse audiences. We have seen increased levels of engagement and loyalty over the last five years that most marketeers would die for!

Why it works?

We genuinely find what people love, find the cultural sweet spot, and ensure you have a clear brand voice in place.

Once we collaborate and activate all this effectively the results inevitably lead to deep engagement and great return on investment. True collaboration can deliver authentic and compelling experiences. That’s where our success lies.

Our team at Kendal Mountain are very aware that our partners need to protect the audience base they have worked to establish but at the same time nurture new and creative narratives that enable sustainable expansion and loyalty.

WHAT OUR PARTNERS Said about the 2023 Festival

“Congratulations on a sensational festival. It's just unbelievable what you guys managed to do this year. Honestly, it's my favourite Kendal in the 15 years I've been coming.” Coldhouse

“Oh wow....what a festival it was again. I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for having us at the event and all the support you provided to us. We think our touchpoints across the weekend worked really well and were super appreciated by the festival attendees.” Tenzing

“Thank you for an incredible Kendal Mountain Festival, we had a blast with the KMF goers. Thank you for all your support throughout the event, someone was always on hand to help.” Saltrock

“Honestly can't speak highly enough of what you and the team have achieved with the festival. It was such an incredible few days and the perfect launchpad for the CampWild project. We hope it becomes our annual celebration of all things adventure… and we will absolutely be back next year. Cheers to you, the team and the volunteers!!” CampWild

“What a weekend! What a fantastic few days! Honestly the best outdoor event, we all absolutely love it and you all did an amazing job as usual. Excited for next year already!” Grangers

“Yes this KMF sure did feel bigger and better than ever before. Big congratulations to you and the team for a successful festival.” Patagonia

“Thanks once again for putting on such an incredible event, we’re proud to have been a part of it.” Osprey

“Congrats to all the team for an epic event.” Arc’Teryx

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