Work with us

Kendal Mountain has a distinct identity and the strongest reach in Outdoor culture which makes us particularly attractive to multiple communities and diverse audiences. We have seen increased levels of engagement and loyalty over the last five years that most marketeers would die for!

Why it works?

We genuinely find what people love, find the cultural sweet spot, and ensure you have a clear brand voice in place.

Once we collaborate and activate all this effectively the results inevitably lead to deep engagement and great return on investment. True collaboration can deliver authentic and compelling experiences. That’s where our success lies.

Our team at Kendal Mountain are very aware that our partners need to protect the audience base they have worked to establish but at the same time nurture new and creative narratives that enable sustainable expansion and loyalty.


"Congratulations on this year’s [2020] Festival! Quite a different experience but also enlightening."Patagonia

"A huge success! Great to hear how the platform has created new audiences across a number of countries."Merrell

"We were blown away, by the vibe and sense of community that we felt attending the 2019 Festival and were in awe of how well it was all organised, presented and positioned for such a captive audience."Ski Club Great Britain

"What an amazing Festival, like a fine wine it gets better and better with age! The Yurt was a success as always, great engagement, lots of people through the Yurt doors and the Lowe Alpine Adventure Journal Session was fantastic! The team and I love working with you guys and the Festival and we already have ideas for next year and how this will work with supporting the tour!"Lowe Alpine

"Congratulations on another successful year of Kendal Mountain Festival! Thanks again for arranging our session. We look forward to plans for next year! Hopefully we can build up the river clean up session even more and make each year better than the last."Palm Equipment

"Thanks a lot for all your smiles and happiness being with us. We are so stoked about the event! And thank you everybody for being here and defend our common goal: fight climate change."Picture Organic Clothing

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