It’s easy to see why film is the beating heart of our Festival

Settle down to watch one of our carefully curated film programmes on the big screen and you'll be transported to places beyond the wildest reaches of your imagination. Film is a window through which we can all experience adventures big and small – from the epic first ascent of a mountain peak, to the calm solitude of a swim in a tarn, to an invigorating dark city run...


Everything from international film premieres with the world’s greatest athletes to new voices entering the outdoor sphere.

Our Film Programme

Our film competition closes in September and we turn this into a final programme, which is released in October. Each film session contains a selection of short outdoor films that will take your breath away and boost your sense of adventure! 

Feature Films and Premieres

Alongside our film collections featuring a selection of the best shorts, each year we gain exclusive access to the world's greatest outdoor feature films. We have become renowned as a launchpad and international showcase for mountain and outdoor film, premiering or screening such classics as The Bat and the Wicked, Five Days One Summer, Hard Grit, Touching The Void and Free Solo.

When can I buy tickets?

Film sessions at our Festival venues are individually ticketed and tickets will go on sale in September. If you prefer to watch films online, sign-up to the new Kendal Mountain Player where you can watch some of our favourite Festival films today, and access 2021 Festival films online in November.

INTERNATIONAL Film Competition

Who will win this year’s prestigious ‘Kendal’ awards?

Each year we hold a world-renowned film competition with hundreds of entrants from across the globe. Our team carefully watch every entry and whittle these down to a varied programme of 200 films, which we screen in an insightfully curated and jam-packed programme at various Festival venues each November.

The films are then viewed by our panel of judges who select the award winners, and we present our prestigious 'Kendal' awards at a lively ceremony on Saturday night in the Basecamp. Our Festival audience are also invited to nominate their favourite film to win the 'People's Choice Award'.

We're proud to have platformed thousands of films to new audiences and given in excess of £50,000 in prize money to budding film-makers over the years!

Can't wait till November?

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