Welcome to the Volunteer Team Information Page!

This page will contain all the documents and information you will need as a volunteer.

UPDATED: 15/11/2021 at 08.00am

As we approach the festival, this page will be where we upload all the key documents and information you will need and find useful as a volunteer. Please keep checking back here for any updates. 


1. Please read the 2021 Volunteer Information Document (opens via google drive). This should have the answers to most of your questions and give you lots of useful and essential information about the festival, volunteering, tasks, roles and other top tips. Please take some time to read and digest this. 

2. Download the *UPDATED AND FINAL* Version 3 Weekend Rota HERE (opens via google drive). This is now the final version of the festival weekend rota that will be published here. 

If your name is highlighted in yellow then this means your rota has changed (hopefully minor changes) since the draft version 2.  I apologise in advance for any querks, anomalies or errors - it is a complex rota with nearly 100 people on it so these are highly likely. Do not panic - if you have any anomalies these will be dealt with on an individual basis moving forwards, see later. 

3. The Brewery Arts Centre Specific Rota can be viewed and downloaded here. This is only for your 'Brewery' shifts over Friday - Sunday (brace yourselves - I appreciate it is a bit of a beasty this document). This is subject to some refinement - but gives you a handle on what the current plan is for you when you are based at the Brewery. It is not in name order so you will need to find yourself on the appropriate shift (also if you cannot find yourself on this document when you are on the main rota for the brewery please use the Google form to let us know). If it is all too much to take in, please do not worry or get too hung up on the Brewery Arts Centre specific rota if you are unsure what it means or what all the roles are - we promise we will sort out most minor queries/niggles over the weekend and this is subject to change. Worst case, just arrive ready for anything and all will be well :).

Key to a few role abbreviations (see handbook for some more detail on specific roles): M&G = Meet and Greet (Festival Ambassador - one of the most important role of all!); FOYER = Assisting with visitors and queuing in the foyer area in the build up to main sessions; OPS = Assisting with ad-hoc operational jobs and tasks (this can include the above roles and covering people's breaks etc); SHKTN = Shackleton Tent venue (the marquee out the front of the Brewery); COVER - covering voluteer breaks and supporting Beth and the front of house team as needed; DIG LOUNGE - Digital Lounge venue.

Please note that for Town Hall, Leisure Centre and Basecamp shifts (which are much more straightforward venues from an operational perspective) please just report in to the venue at the required time for a team briefing and you will be given an overview of your shift on arrival by the relevant venue manager.

4. The Thursday specific rota can be found here. Please report to the locations and times as per the rota.

5. For those of you who have kindly offered to help on Monday - Wednesday of next week the Monday - Wednesday rota can be found here. Please report to the locations and times as per the rota. If you are reporting to the KMF office this is the address (it is the blue door with the mountains painted on it): Tanners Yard, 39 Highgate, Kendal LA9 4ED

PLEASE CONFIRM you have read and understood the above (or to let us know any specifc individual queries on the above - which we will contact you about individually) by completing this simple google form:https://forms.gle/nixL53tzT7b5JpyEA  

Please bear with us - things start to get incredibly busy around the office from now so please bear with us. Please also look out for emails from Beth Pipe (who is the volunteer co-ordinator over the weekend) and she may email you from cumbrianrambler@live.co.uk. Any general queries please use the facebook group.

Food - You are of of course welcome to bring a packed lunch and this can be left in the volunteers room's at each of the venues along with your bags etc. All of the volunteer rooms at the main venues will have hot drinks facilities, biscuits and snacks for you to tuck into. In terms of general food provision at the festival the headlines are:

  • The Basecamp has a food court this year with a variety of food concessions. It is a 5 min walk to the Basecamp and a little further if you want to go into town.
  • The Brewery (as far as we know) are not providing any specific food aside from their Grainstore Restaurant menu (we have no juristiction over what the BAC choose to offer).
  • The Town Hall is located close to Kendal and there are various shops and cafes available very close by.
  • The Leisure Centre has a bar and a food concession, but this will not be all day. It is a 5 minute walk to the nearby Spar shop or 10 minutes walk to ASDA.

Breaks - There will be peaks and troughs through the day and your venue manager will talk through break times/opportunities with you when you have your team briefing at the start of your shift. The Brewery rota does identify a few break times but there will also be other ad-hoc times through the day and we have specific roles to provide cover for breaks. Please be assured we will ensure you have ample time for breaks.

Finally, as per the volunteers evening - if over the next week you develop COVID symptoms or have a positive COVID test, therefore you have to self-isolate and are unable to volunteer please email me ASAP to let me know. I hope you get well soon.

PS - if you have not yet - please join the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kendal2021volunteers (if you think you have, but you have not had your request approved yet, this may be because your facebook name is different to that which you have applied to us with - if this is the case please email tom@mountainfest.co.uk). This is where most of the various last minute updates will be posted (but if you are not on facebook do not worry just email or catch Beth or myself in person over the weekend).

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us on Sunday 7th. For those who were not able to make it here are the slides from the Presentation. Please email me if you want access to the video recording(s).

Here are the Brewery Arts Centre venue procedures as introduced last night. You will need to famliliarise yourselves with these and sign off you have read them when you collect your t-shirt and lanyard.

Here is the festival COVID update.

Thanks all, Tom

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