Film Award Winners


The Hermit of Treig

Director: Lizzie MacKenzie

In this humorous, transcendent and life affirming documentary, Ken Smith, now in his 70s, reflects upon the past four decades he has spent living alone in the Scottish Highlands, without electricity or running water.

People's Choice Award

The Last Forgotten Art

Director: Jessie Leong

Is crack climbing the last forgotten art? From hand sized splitters, chicken wings to whole body wriggles, this film follows crack aficionados Mel, Vicky and Steve in their pursuit of slightly more unusual ‘off-width climbs’ found in the Peak District.

Best Climbing


Director: Palmer Morse

Elevated is a non-verbal film sharing Sonya Wilson's experience as a Deaf woman and outdoor advocate working to bridge the gap between the Deaf community and the outdoor industry, one crag at a time.

Best Mountain

Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest

Director: Nancy Svendsen

Pasang chronicles Pasang Lhamu Sherpa’s tragic and inspiring journey to become the first Nepali woman to summit Everest in 1993.

Best Adventure & Exploration


Director: Holly Morris

This extraordinary story of resilience and global citizenry follows an unlikely expedition of women as they attempt to complete their audacious goal of skiing to the North Pole.

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Best Short

Tempo II. Movements in Jungle

Director: Thomas Woodson

A conceptual exploration of the shared feelings between music and mountains, this film is set in the world’s largest urban jungle, exploring styles of Brazilian drumming and trail running.

Best Creative

The Water Holds Me / The Water Binds Us

Director: Lily Mae Kroese

Based on the stories of women who dip, dive and swim in rivers, lakes and seas, this beautiful animation evokes many different experiences in one swim, from the anticipation of getting in cold water to the feeling of floating alone and the conviviality of bobbing together.

Best Environment

Not a Hero's Journey

Director: Catherine Dunn

17 year-old climate concerned Jessie undertakes an epic adventure on her bike to reach the COP26 climate summit. Along the way she meets amazing people and confronts the powerlessness many of us feel in the face of the climate emergency.

Best Community & Culture

Run to the Source

Director: Matt Kay

Martin Johnson attempts a new fastest known time on the 184-mile Thames Path, from the Thames Barrier in London to the source of the river in the Cotswolds. What starts as a record-breaking attempt turns into a journey of discovery as he learns about the entangled history between Black people and the river.

Best Sport

Long Live Livi

Directors: Parisa Urquhart, Ling Lee

Livingston skateboard park is world-legendary but forty years on it has fallen into disrepair. Can three ambitious young skate girls bring Livi back to life?

Judges Special Prize

An Accidental Life

Director: Henna Taylor

Alpinist and speed climber Quinn Brett grapples with life after a near death climbing accident. The film looks, unflinchingly, at the good, the bad and the quirky of her experience.

Best Changemaker

Fragments Choisis

Director: Alicia Cenci

Elisabeth combines her ski career with life as a political science student. In the mountains she is Elisabeth the skier, in the streets, Elisabeth the activist. Her two lives collide however the day she becomes world freeride champion. The activist then meets the sportswoman when Elisabeth decides to use her visibility to come out publicly.

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