2021 films

At the heart of our Festival is an incredible film programme, which we curate from entries to our year long international film competition. We're delighted to share with you the films that have been selected for the Festival this year - the quality and creativity has once again blown us away!

Our International Film Programme is proudly presented by Danner.

We welcome you to join us back in Kendal this year and watch our film curations from the comfort of our Rab Cinemas.

Climb 1

Presented by Montane

Climbing is an expanding culture. Joining a variety of climbing characters, we offer you a pick-and-mix of rock types – desert sandstone, hard-as-nails granite, limestone, gritstone and - yes - resin. Just grab your popcorn and get stuck in.

Kjerag Solo

Renowned world-class crack climber Pete Whittaker takes a new direction with a free solo ascent of the imposing Kjerag (1082m) big wall in Norway.

Dir: Alastair Lee

United Kingdom, 13'

A Woman's Place

A conversation with The Pinnacle Club - celebrating 100 years of women's climbing in Britain.

Dir: Menna Wakeford

United Kingdom, 25'


What does it take, mentally and physically, to attempt a hard and dangerous trad route in Pembroke? World-class climber, Hazel Findlay, has a trick up her sleeve.

Dir: Paul Diffley, Ray Wood

United Kingdom, 19'


Crux follows Harvey, a recovering addict who uses rock climbing to work through his ongoing struggle with mental health.

Dir: Zac Hoffman & Casey Dubois

Canada, 34'

Climb 2

Presented by Montane

Climbing is an expanding culture. In our second collection, with a variety of climbing characters, we offer you a pick-and-mix of rock type – desert sandstone, hard-as-nails granite, limestone, gritstone and - yes - resin. Just grab your popcorn and get stuck in.

Soul Deep

Soul Deep is a look inside a burgeoning rock climbing movement of inner-city African Americans taking up the sport and making it their own.

Dir: Dominic Gill

United States, 14'


A gifted daughter and her dad coach: Julia Chanourdie is one of the world's best climbers, becoming the 3rd woman to climb 9b.

Dir: Jocelyn Chavy

France, 30'


This original documentary reveals the hidden world of eating disorders in professional rock climbing.

Dir: Caroline Treadway

United States, 45'

Mountain 1

Presented by Deuter

Come with us to the highest peaks across the world.Discover contemporary alpinists and their all-mountain lifestyles.Who do we follow to these summits? And what do we really find there?

Dream Mountain

International mountain guide Pasang reflects on her personal highs and lows and rediscovers for herself just how much the mountains have meant to her.

Dir: InlightWorks

United States, 18'

First Ascent on the Drus

A first ascent attempt on the historic west face of the Dru, high above Chamonix.

Dir: Jean-Pierre Tauvron

France, 24'

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Alone, on North America's Highest Peak, Patricia Franco must make a decision: break records or break the cycle of her past.

Dir: Michael CB Stevens

United States, 13'

Journey to Jagdula

In 1962 six members of The Pinnacle Club became the first ever people to climb and map out a remote region in western Nepal.

Dir: Jordan Carroll

United Kingdom, 14'

Link Sar

American alpinist Graham Zimmerman attempts one of the world's most challenging unclimbed peaks: Link Sar. An audacious ascent that resulted in a Piolet D'Or award.

Dir: Graham Zimmerman

United States, 17'

Mountain 2

Presented by Deuter

Join us on a journey to mountain peaks around the globe as we ponder our obsession with reaching new heights and what we discover about the world and, indeed, ourselves on these summits.


Transending follows the journey of Erin Parisi as she comes into her own identity as a Transgender woman and trains for the Seven Summits to create awareness and visibility for the Trans community.

Dir: Marin Hart


MATTERHORN - The Lion Ridge

A breathtaking journey to the summit of one of the world's most iconic mountains.

Dir: Alessandro Beltrame, Hervé Barmasse

Italy, 34'

Not Alone

After an ice climbing avalanche takes the life of her friend, professional climber and guide Sarah Hueniken finds herself questioning everything about her life in the mountains.

Dir: Heather Mosher

Canada, 43'

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to distribution rights this film will not be available to watch via the Kendal Mountain Player in the USA*


Presented by Pertex

True exploration requires curiosity, courage and an eye for detail. We've got plenty in this collection of short films.


A son's journey to Langtang Valley, Nepal, to explore the power of love, loss, and connection.

Dir: Jay Macmillan

Canada, 35'

The Last Frontier

Six independent women come together for an epic voyage across one of the roughest seas on earth.

Dir: Sophia Scott


14 Days South - Over Sea and Land

Five eco-adventurers bikepacking across the UK use waterbikes to cross seas and meet environmental experts in search of climate solutions.

Dir: Kevin Merrey & Gavin Kaps

United Kingdom, 30'


Dustin Reynolds, with no seafaring experience, sets out to become the first double amputee to sail around the world.

Dir: Stash Wislocki

United States, 08'

Run & Hike

Presented by Merrell

Getting back to the core of why we run, walk, and hike, this collection of short films will have you yearning to get out and about.

Whether you love the fells, roads or track, we explore what running and hiking means to us all.

Dawn till Dusk

Running the length of Scotland in two weeks - a solo adventure through some of Scotland's wildest places

Dir: Matthew Girvan

United Kingdom, 20'

Tempo. Movements in Mountains

Tempo is a conceptual exploration of connections Kyle finds between running in Boulder's Flatirons, and his background as a musician.

Dir: Thomas Woodson

United States, 05'

The Longest Line

A 71km line across the Cairngorms, no trail, no roads, no power lines. Following one of the few remaining pioneering expeditions in the UK.

Dir: Ellie Green & Matt Green

United Kingdom, 15'

The Ghost

Heather Anderson has held the most coveted thru hiking records on earth. She reflects on her journey in this intimate portrait.

Dir: Carlo Nasisse

United States, 15'

Representation Matters - Taking On The Ramsay Round

Join Black Trail Runners as they take on the epic challenge of completing the Ramsay Round in the Scottish Highlands.

Dir: Tom Dunn

United Kingdom, 25'

Dear Pippa

Els Van Woert loves trail running. Today, many of her adventures on the trail are spent with her 5-year-old daughter, Pippa. In a letter to Pippa, Els describes this relationship with the outdoors - confronting fear, discovering vulnerability, and evolving her definition of bravery.

Dir: Simon Perkins

United States, 08'

The Process

Tom Randall, a world-class climber, is also a terrible runner. Which is why his latest challenge seems like an odd choice; linking two of the Lake District's toughest endurance challenges, the Bob Graham Round and The Classic Rock challenge, into one hellish 24-hour dash.

Dir: Matt Pycroft

United Kingdom, 10'


Presented by Trek

Just two wheels… it’s amazing what the bike has done for humanity. In this film collection we round up some incredible stories of community, travel, athleticism, artistry and some proper good humour.

Girls Gotta Eat Dirt

The story of three best friends, roommates, and riding partners with a taste for the finer things. And plenty of dirt on their jorts. A mix of lighthearted fun moments with high alpine mt. bike action.

Dir: Elliot Wilkinson-Ray

United States, 06'

After the Storm

A poignant rollercoaster where Aneela and Andy McKenna pedal their way through life reflecting on the changes racism sparked in their lives.

Dir: Andy McKenna & Andy McCandlish

United Kingdom, 25'

Follow The Light

From sunsets over dramatic landscapes to the illumination of hot air balloons and the warm ambience of the Middle East, immerse yourself in this colourful adventure.

Dir: Perrin Leon

Andora, 4'

On Falling

Three women reflect on their willingness to sustain broken bones, concussions, and organ damage as professional mountain bikers.

Dir: Josephine Anderson

Canada, 14'

Rapha Gone Racing - The Alt Tour

Every stage and transfer of the 2021 Tour De France: solo. Over 5,550km from Brest to Paris with 65,000m of climbing in 23 days. No teammates, no rest days. Can Lachlan Morton beat the peloton to Paris?

Dir: Samuel Craven

United Kingdom, 37'


Presented by Ortovox

In this collection we take you on a whirlwind, worldwide tour of cinematically beautiful ski stories.


A portrait of how snowboarding proved an important connection to nature and a mental escape during the darker days of last year

Dir: Samuel McMahon

United Kingdom, 05'

Tatum Monod // Passage

Tatum's career has held doors of every kind. Doors that reach back as far as her grandfather, and have carried on through generations. Her career, successes, losses, injuries, have all shaped the skier and person she is today.

Dir: Clay Mitchell

Canada, 14'

Sam & Me - Lessons from a Life on Snow

At 13 years old, Sam Tierney's climate anxiety was so bad he was having trouble sleeping at night. In an attempt to ease his stress, Sam contacted Mike Douglas for advice. Seeing some of his own young self in Sam, Mike suggests a weekly ski meet-up to talk about climate, skiing, and life.

Dir: Mike Douglas

Canada, 14'

Pioneers Route

Every generation has its own path. Even when following in the footsteps of predecessors.

Dir: Daniel Blom

Sweden, 08'

The Traverse

Facing some of the most challenging terrain in the world, Valentine Fabre and Hillary Gerardi, two world-class athletes, attempt to be the first women to ski the Haute Route non-stop from Chamonix to Zermatt.

Dir: Ben Tibbetts & Jake Holland

France, 33'



Presented by Switzerland Tourism

This curation looks below the surface; following the practice of those who dive deep and hold their breath. Discover the traditions and developing cultures of those who paddle and row oceans and rivers, and gasp at the joyful daring of big-wave surfers. And most of all, we stay in the gentle, roaring moment of water. Therapeutic, threatening, a daily practice, a life-long dream. These aquatic stories flow apart, and back together. Sink in.

Like a River

Artist and climber Jeremy Collins combines three desert canyons in a new mural that celebrates the rivers of the American southwest.

Dir: Jim Aikman

United States, 04'

Dive Tierra Bomba Dive

A 19 year-old woman, Yassandra Barrios emerges as the environmental leader of her island.

Dir: Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane

United Kingdom, 10'

A Calmer Place

A wild swimmer tells the story of how he dealt with his mental health during the lockdowns and his appreciation of being in the water again.

Dir: David Warren

United Kingdom, 07'

Medicine For The Mundane

The healing power of the ocean has long been known to those who experience it.‘Medicine For The Mundane’ is a tribute to the shared connection between the sea and the people in it.

Dir: Louis O'Flynn Martin

Ireland, 02'

The Mystery

An aging whitewater hero brings up a new protege in the world's most counterintuitive sport--intentionally staying underwater in a kayak.

Dir: Forest Woodward & Tommy Penick

United States, 10'

Dani Burt

Following Dani Burt on a path to becoming the first-ever women's World Adaptive Surfing champion.

Dir: Brian Olliver

United States, 11'


A short documentary exploring the incredible transitional story of a transgender wild-water swimmer and mental health advocate

Dir: Charlie Bush

United Kingdom, 11'

87 Days - Alone Rowing the Pacific

87 Days: Alone Rowing the Pacific is one woman’s epic story of survival; endlessly harrowing, ultimately triumphant.

Dir: Lia Ditton & Danielle Sellwood

United States, 34'


Presented by Ozone

Films that celebrate the invisible substance that give us so much joy; whether it’s flying, falling through, or even seemingly walking on it.


Wingsuit flyers Espen Fadnes & Amber Forte must put their absolute trust in each other, to complete a dangerous jump.

Dir: Stefan David Witts

Norway, 11'

Sixty Seconds

Tyler Turner is forced into a complex and nuanced emotional and physical recovery after surviving a routine skydive.

Dir: Lara Shea

Canada, 18'


Beautiful scenery and hypnotic cinematography eject us from our daily lives into a world of air, earth, and flight.

Dir: Richard Sidey

New Zealand, 05'


The backstage of an extreme photographer, Out of Frame shows the daily life of Mathis Dumas, athlete, mountain guide, and outdoor photographer.

Dir: Jordan Manoukian

France, 45'

Human Spirit

Presented by Craghoppers

In this collection, meet the heroes and heroines overcoming their fears and rising against the odds to accomplish their dreams within the outdoors.


Wish not for a lighter load, but a stronger back. This is the Motherload.

Dir: Zoya Lynch

Canada, 14'


Esivi is a film about the therapeutic power of the natural environment and finding home in unexpected places.

Dir: Shyla Lee

United Kingdom, 05'

If I Tell Them

James Sampsel, a plein air painter and fly-fishing guide, comes to terms with his past and a bi-polar diagnosis that hangs over his future.

Dir: Oliver Sutro

United States, 12'


Costa Rica's highest mountain witnesses the inspiring journey of a woman overcoming cancer.

Dir: Andres Bronnimann

Costa Rica, 16'

From My Window

The mountains have been worlds away for Melissa. With the help of her mentor, she sets out to conquer something far greater than a summit.

Dir: Frank Pickell

United States, 19'


"Hura" means being free in Egyptian. Climber Wafaa Amer went through many difficulties and struggles during her life. She grew far from home and she built her freedom embracing and pursuing her passions trying to find her true self.

Dir: Matteo Pavana & Pietro Porro

Italy, 14'

Totally Alone

A story of one man's life unraveling under Covid 19 and how Ju-Jitsu and escaping to the Welsh mountains pulled him back from the brink.

Dir: Rufus Exton & Steve Bliss

United Kingdom, 12'

Age is no barrier

Presented by The Caravan and Motorhome Club

Connecting with the outdoors can be a lifelong opportunity and passion. These films celebrate those who sustain their sense of adventure, who are stewards of the environment even if they themselves need care, whose wisdom is expressed in wild and curious ways.


At 80 years old with more than 2,000 acres of wilderness to his name, Loon must decide what to do with this precious asset.

Dir: Jason Whalen & Chris Zuker

United States, 10'

The Further Away, The Better

Ron Bartle recalls his 1958 bike journey across the Sprengisandur, an uninhabited and vast volcanic desert that spans the centre of Iceland.

Dir: George Marsall

United Kingdom, 07'

The Long Today

Magical thinking can get you in trouble. Especially in the wilderness.

Dir: Niobe Thompson

Canada, 17'

Back On The Bike

After 20 years off the bike and battling illness, a mother attempts to reignite her confidence and adventurous side on a bike adventure with her daughter.

Dir: Samantha Saskia Dugon

United Kingdom, 23'

Out Of Thin Air

Three landscape painters in their seventies travel to Nepal to paint the Himalayas and climb the Throrong La pass.

Dir: Jack Hextall

United Kingdom, 34'


Presented by The Caravan and Motorhome Club

Films that get us fired up about the dynamics of the next generation, and the new communities that are exploding onto the outdoor scene.

We meet young people who are coming up with innovative and compassionate ways to find adventure throughout the world. Needing some inspiration this year?

This is the place for activism, madcap campaigns and wild stunts that defy possibility and prejudice. Get engaged; these guys are creating change.

DURGA: Forging a New Trail

An intimate story of what female empowerment and gender equality looks like on the ground, and what an independent path just might lead to.

Dir: Emily Hopcian

United States, 20'

One Step Ahead

After the long months of stand still, the Mountain Tribe Crew has a big goal, and builds a long term plan towards it. How can you reach your goal and what do you need to learn? Which capabilities do you need to amp it up?

Dir: Flo Gassner & Paul Schweller

Austria, 09'

Muslim Hikers Inaugural Trek

Over 80 participants from all over the UK travelled to join the Muslim Hikers on their first trek up Wales' highest mountain, Snowdon.

Dir: Zain Lambat

United Kingdom, 05'


A charming and uplifting portrait of a collective in search of meaning, in the shadow of the climate crisis which threatens their Alpine ski-resort, La Clusaz.

Dir: Laura Lardeux

France, 26'

Slim Pickins

Slim Pickins Outfitters, the first Black-owned outdoor outfitting shop in the U.S., is sharing a message that America needs to hear.

Dir: Justin Jeffers

United States, 15'


The intimate story of a 9-year-old girl called Eve, living in one of the oldest off-grid communities in the UK.

Dir: Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane

United Kingdom, 21'


Presented by Picture Organic Clothing

A collection to celebrate all things board-related. Whether you ride surf, slope or concrete, join us for stories that slide sideways. We meet some of the diverse and divergent scenes across the world; people who are riding into the future and rising up against all odds.


Meet Stormskater, a London-based roller-skater who gives us insight into the increasingly popular sport and its community.

Dir: Guen Murroni

United Kingdom, 06'


Two snowboarders tell the story of the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.

Dir: Mattias Evangelista

United States, 16'


A short documentary about an adaptive surfer's journey to restart.

Dir: Laura Basil Duncan

France, 05'

Chasing Tokyo 2021

One of the best skateboarders in the world, Lizzie Armanto recounts her award-winning career as she prepares for the 2021 Summer Olympics.

Dir: Nathan Fitch

United States, 10'

Frame of Mind

From backyard jibs, to home-made 'finger skis', we reflect on Sam Kuch's Frame of Mind and how he has become an elite freeskier.

Dir: Jeff Thomas

Canada, 11'

Ebb & Flow

Ebb and Flow features the experiences of three fearless females and their passion for surfing the waves off the west coast of Ireland.

Dir: Alice Ward

Ireland, 12'

Joe Buffalo

Joe Buffalo, an Indigenous skateboard legend and residential school survivor, must face his demons to realize his dream of turning pro.

Dir: Amar Chebib

Canada, 16'

We Are Like Waves

We Are Like Waves looks into how surfing changes Sanu's life, documenting the breakthroughs of becoming a female Sri Lankan surfer.

Dir: Jordyn Romero

United States, 13'

Nurture Nature

Presented by Craghoppers

Join us as we look at the ways people are working out how to connect with, and care for nature. You can’t love what you don’t know, so these films inform and inspire us to believe in the force of nature, and our own ability to fight for it.


The Indigenous communities who live in the high mountain forests, the Sky Islands, are the last guardians of these sacred spaces. This film is a reflection and celebration of the vital bond that these communities have with their surroundings.

Dir: Edward Manuga, Georgianna Lepping, Jeremy Gwao, Regina Lepping, Zahiyd Namo, Junior Patrick Makau, Manner Levo, Neil Nuia & Daniel Kakadi

Solomon Islands, 08'

If You Give a Beach a Bottle

Inspired by a picture book, Max Romey heads to a remote beach on Alaska's coastline in search of marine debris. What he finds is a different story altogether.

Dir: Max Romey

United States, 05'


A poetic trip through Britain's ecosystem reflecting on our place within it

Dir: Jake Davison

United Kingdom, 22'

The Linesman - Both Sides Matter

The Linesman is the story of one man's mission to end human-elephant conflict in his homeland.

Dir: Dominic Gill

United States, 26'

Rooted in Bristol

In the heart of Bristol, the black community explore their relationship with the land, food and culture through allotmenting and activism.

Dir: Annie Menter & Manu Maunganidze

United Kingdom, 30'

Outside Thinkers

Presented by Keela

We introduced Outside Thinkers to allow us to play with what Kendal Mountain Festival could programme, and introduce you to films we loved, found challenging and provocative within the outdoor world. We hope these stories will encourage you to think outside the box a little, and toy with your perspective on the world.

Broadbottom Allotments (2020)

During the worldwide health crisis in 2020, allotment owners reflect on their hopes for the future and what owning a plot means to them.

Dir: David Roscoe-Rutter & Helen Roscoe-Rutter

United Kingdom, 11'

The Last English Poacher

A film following Brian Tovey - one of the last traditional poachers in England and his anti-establishment way of life. What can we learn from this wilder way of living?

Dir: Emma Crome, Peter Emery

United Kingdom, 16'

Athena Skates

A crew of young female roller skaters are fighting for space in their city, Athens.

Dir: Elliott Gonzo

United Kingdom, 07'


Stalked by his inner demons. Burdened by a lost imagination, and alienated by isolation. Seeks an escape when he was younger...uncaged.

Dir: Joshua Vendetta Nash & Gemma Pons Alsina

United Kingdom, 04'

Running Free

'When I'm running, I forget everything. The past. My life. You become free.'

Dir: Owen Cant

United Kingdom, 09'


Along the scorching southern desert border in Arizona, it is estimated that only one out of every five missing migrants are ever found. Once a month volunteers set out to recover missing loved ones.

Dir: Kristy Guevara-Flanagan & Maite Zubiaurre

United States, 14'

Freedom Swimmer

When there is no choice left.A father's story of his perilous swim from China to Hong Kong during the Cultural Revolution

Dir: Olivia Martin-McGuire

United Kingdom, 15'


The life of a woman and her family who fight to conserve the Betizú, the last wild breed of cows.

Dir: Raúl González

Spain, 06'

Let Things Rot

Everything must rot someday, so if we learn to let things rot we learn how to live and how to die.

Dir: Mateo Barrenengoa

Chile, 08

Family friendly

Presented by Buff

We are delighted to offer this colourful and exciting curation of short films, taking in global landscapes to at-home adventures. This selection is perfect for those energetic, curious and down-right magical younger members of the family in particular.


Maneuvers is an experimental animation combining skiing with stop-motion animation.

Dir: Sämi OrtliebSwitzerland / 4'

Project Fearless: How To Be A Role Model

Aiming to ignite change within the skate community and empower girls and women around the world to get on their boards, it’s a shout out to freedom, friendship and pure Project Fearless power.

Dir: Al LewisUSA / 6’


Join Steph and Mike of Yorkshire Dales Guides, as they take us on a wonderful journey through the cave systems of the Dales.

Dir: Paul DiffleyUK / 6'

Follow the Light

Kilian Bron discovers a region with mesmerisingly scenery in search of the best spots to put down his tyres.

Dir: Perrin LeonAndorra / 4'


With the bit between her teeth, Molly has given more commitment to learning aerial. Inspired by her heroes in the field she wanted to take the rig out of the gym.

Dir: Ben GerrishUK / 1'


There’s nothing better than the relationship between rider and trail dog. Ben may be “the boss” but it’s really Luna who’s in charge.

Dir: Ben GerrishUK / 3'

The Mermaid, the Otter and the Big Poo

In this mystical, fun adventure, Lindsey Cole investigates how river pollution affects wildlife as she mermaids the River Avon.

Dir: Charlotte SawyerUK / 12'

The Urchin Diver

The Urchin Diver explores the life and career of Conner Rhoads, a 2nd generation Urchin Diver based in Ventura, California.

Tyler SchiffmanUSA / 6'

Rufios West Highland Way Adventure

Rufio and his human head off to take on the West Highland Way, 96 miles through the Scottish Highlands. What an adventure!

Dir: Stefan John RemnesonUK / 5'


Watch Danny MacAskill and filmer/editor Robbie Meade’s entry into Real Mountain Bike 2021, the all-video MTB contest brought to you by ESPN’s World of X Games.

Dir: Robbie MeadeUK / 2'


Inspired by the poem Freedom by Oliver Runner, this film explores the feeling of the freedom that we find in outdoor spaces.

Dir: Tessa SimpsonUK / 1'


Ouka and the owner, Shams, paragliding over mountains and enjoying themselves to their heart’s content.

Dir: ShamsUK / 2'

Skiing Without Snow | Speedriding The Alps

Tired of waiting for the snow to come so that he can go skiing, Valentin Delluc takes to the skies once more with his skis and gets creative. Known for his freestyle speedriding Valentin flies down the mountains and goes off piste for some playful tricks through the empty alpine ski resorts...

Dir: Valentin Delluc

Feature films


After Antarctica follows polar explorer Will Steger's life journey as an eyewitness to the greatest changes in the polar regions of our planet. 

Dir: Tasha Van Zandt

USA, 104'

All For One

We follow Sabrina Verjee as she aims for 'the Wainwrights' record around the English Lake District fells. Can she go under 6 days?

Dir: Stephen Ashworth 



One Road. A world of change. A deep dive into a way of life that is in the midst of a slow and chaotic, yet inexorable transition.

Dir: Lucas Millard, Kate Stryker

USA, 82'

Body of Water

Swimming in the winter teaches you who you really are.

Dir: Benjamin Paul, Scott M Salt

UK, 42'

Brave Enough

Joy encourager, beach cleaner and midlife adventurer, Jo Moseley, embarks on a challenge that will change the course of her life.

Dir: Frit Tam

UK, 40'

Everest By Those Who Were There - 1921, 1922 and 1924

In the centenary year of the first Everest Expedition, Julie Summers, the grand niece of Sandy Irvine, takes us through the history of the early Everest expeditions.

Dir: John Porter, Dominic Bush

UK, 36'

Everything In Between

Two strangers set out on a 20,000km cycling expedition from London to Tokyo over 230 days. This is the story of their wild human adventure.

Dir: Andrew King

South Africa, 85'



Franco Cookson burst onto the climbing scene over 10 years ago and has been leaving an indelible mark ever since. This feature documentary takes an in-depth look into some truly jaw-dropping moments during Franco’s prolific career and the workings of his fascinating mind.

Dir: Alastair Lee

UK, 45'

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to distribution rights this film will not be available to watch on the Kendal Mountain Player - it will only be screened at the Live Festival*

Farewell To Adventure

The cost of adventure: a portrait of Bob Shepton's voyage through love, family and the challenges of old age and Alzheimer's.

Dir: Chris Prescott

UK, 28'


Looking for adventure in your own backyard makes so much sense. Home Lines focuses on this new paradigm, an adventure close to home.

Yucca Films

France, 34'

Horse Tamer

In the Darhat valley in northern Mongolia, the horses of nomadic tribes are disappearing. Bandits steal horse from their owners.

Dir: Hamid Sardar

France, 85'

House Of The Gods

Veteran expedition leader Leo Houlding climbs the first free ascent with modern ethics - alongside the indigenous Akawaio.

Dir: Matt Pycroft


Iorram (Boat Song)

Across the islands of the Outer Hebrides, voices from the past tell stories of the sea.

Dir: Alastair Cole

UK, 97'

Long Live Chainsaw

The true story of the meteoric rise, untimely death and long-lasting legacy of Canadian downhill mountain bike legend, Stevie Smith.

Dir: Darcy Wittenburg

Canada, 95'

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to distribution rights this film will not be available to watch on the Kendal Mountain Player - it will only be screened at the Live Festival*

Precious Leader Woman

Professional snowboarder Spencer O'Brien realizes there's more to life than the world stage.

Dir: Cassie De Colling

Canada, 46'


River combines stunning visuals and orchestral music to explore the relationship between humans and rivers across six continents.

Dir: Jennifer Peedom

Australia, 91'

Swissway to Heaven

An inspirational film following climber Cedric Lachat as he attempts a series of hard free climbs on five iconic peaks, exploring the unique climbing landscape of Switzerland.

Dir: Guillaume Broust

Switzerland, 56'

The Alpinist

An intimate documentary of a visionary climber who followed the path of his own passion, despite the possible consequences.

Dir: Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen

USA, 92'


*PLEASE NOTE: Due to distribution rights this film will not be available to watch on the Kendal Mountain Player - it will only be screened at the Live Festival*

The Rescue

From the directors of Free Solo, an edge-of-your-seat account of the rescue of 12 Thai schoolboys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave system in 2018.

Dir: Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

USA, 114'

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to distribution rights this film will not be available to watch on the Kendal Mountain Player - it will only be screened at the Live Festival*

The River Runner

Legendary kayaker Scott Lindgren attempts to complete an extreme, unprecedented whitewater expedition that has been 20 years in the making.

Dir: Rush Sturges

USA, 86'

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to distribution rights this film will not be available to watch on the Kendal Mountain Player - it will only be screened at the Live Festival*

The Sanctity of Space

Lured by a black and white photograph, three renowned climbers pursue the ultimate adventure and show us why humans must explore.

Dir: Renan Ozturk, Freddie Wilkonson

USA, 102'

The Second Summit

Veteran British mountaineers Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders reunite to tackle the last unclimbed 6,000m peak in Sikkim, Northern India.

Dir: Hugo Saunders

UK, 86'

The Troublemaker

‘The Troublemaker’ delves deep into the ideas and emotions behind the international wave of civil protest, born in the face of the unfolding planetary crisis.

Dir: Sasha Snow

United Kingdom, 57'

The Wall

Four female climbers face the sporting challenge of a lifetime as they attempt to compete in the first-ever Olympic climbing competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Dir: Nick Hardie

UK, 100'

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to distribution rights this film will not be available to watch on the Kendal Mountain Player - it will only be screened at the Live Festival*

They/Them: One Climber's Story

The story of Patagonia Ambassador Lor Sabourin, examining the importance of identity and inclusion in the climbing community.

Dir: Blake McCord & Justin Clifton

United States


In a profoundly intimate look at the Lowe-Anker family, filmmaker and Alex Lowe's son Max captures their intense personal journey toward understanding Alex as a man, not a myth and the emotionally and physically harrowing trek to Shishapangma, where they will finally put him to rest.

Dir: Max Lowe

United States, 91'

Wave of Change

Professional surfer Damien Castera joins Caroline, Corentin, and Guénolé on board a catamaran currently sailing the world in search of low-tech innovation, and sustainable and affordable technologies.

Dir: Pierre Frechou, Damien Castera

France, 35'

Films screening in live events

A Different Approach

Renowned climber Leo Houlding and former rugby player Ed Jackson begin a journey to attempt the first quadraplegic ascent of Mont Blanc.

Dir: Stuart Kershaw

UK, 15'

Screening at Berghaus presents Ed Jackson and Leo Houlding

Alan - A Sea Swimmer From Folkestone

Alan, a local historian, has lived in Folkestone most of his life. Since he retired he has been swimming in the sea most days.

Dir: Peter Blach / Klip Films

UK, 2'

Screening at the Zone3 Outdoor Swimming Session

Alba Goes Bike Packing

Rufus was a cyclist at heart, but became a hiker when his dog came along. Little did he know how much an e-bike would transform his adventures.

Dir: Rufus Exton, Steve Bliss

UK, 2'

Screening at the Rapha & Ribble Cycling Session

Ambleside AC juniors Abraham's Tea Round

Rowan, Charlie and Freddie from Ambleside AC run the 30 mile Abraham's Tea Round in the Lake District.

Dir: Stephen Ashworth

UK, 2'

Screening in the Merrell Running Session


Vasu is not seeking to inspire you to feel good. His trauma doesn’t exist solely to benefit the education of others. He is seeking to inspire you to move mountains. To take action.

Dir: Faith E. Briggs

USA, 10'

Screening at The North Face & Ellis Brigham Snow Night

Bally Peak Outlook 2020 Expedition

An expedition team embarked on the first phase of the “8x8000m” program to clean up the base camps of Nepal’s eight 8,000-meter mountains.

Dir: Luca Caon & Samir Jung Thapa

Italy, 3'

Screening at the Mountain Session presented by Swiss Tourism


An aerial and symphonic journey with skier Sam Favret, in the heart of a closed resort during this very special winter of 2021.

Dir: Maxime Moulin

France, 5'

Screening at The North Face & Ellis Brigham Snow Night


Inspired by the poem Freedom by Oliver Runner. This short piece explores the feeling of the freedom that we find in outdoor spaces.

Dir: Tessa Simpson

UK, 1'

Screening in the Berghaus Women in Adventure Session


After crossing the Alps, Antoine Boisselier sets off to explore the Pyrenees mountains in a bivouac flight!

Dir: Antoine Boisselier

Screening at the Ozone Free-Flight Session


Dave MacLeod makes the first free ascent of Keystone, and E8 rock climb on Meall Cumhann in Glen Nevis

Dir: Dave Macleod

UK, 20'

Screening in Basecamp

Time TBC

Touching The Water

Premiere screening

Mhairi Helme's poetic reflection of a 100 mile run around the English Lake District inspired by the landscape, the people she meets and her fell running hero, Joss Naylor.

Dir: Hannah Maia


Screening in the Merrell Running Session


Two middle aged men in lycra throw down some serious moves to prove who is the true two wheeled king of South London’s streets.

Dir: Ben Marshall

UK, 3'

Screening at the Rapha & Ribble Cycling Session

Movement and the Search for Meaning - Dhiren Shingadia

Dhiren Shingadia, an avid cyclist who used his sport to help him process the death of his father: “Cycling was my tool to grieve,” he says.

Dir: Christopher Baker

UK, 3'

Screening at the Rapha & Ribble Cycling Session

Sam Kuch // Here Goes

A cinematic, high-caliber short film featuring the best shots from a full winter with pro skier Sam Kuch.

Dir: Clay Mitchell

Canada, 8'

Screening at The North Face & Ellis Brigham Snow Night


A short movie about skiing and snowboarding around our home mountains near Innsbruck.

Dir: Lena Stoffel, Simon Abt

Austria, 4'

Screening at The North Face & Ellis Brigham Snow Night

The Farmer

The Farmer spends his winters harvesting one of the most precious crops on earth: Powder.

Dir: Michael James Brown

USA, 4'

Screening at The North Face & Ellis Brigham Snow Night

The Fortress Ghosts

Skiers Mark Abma and Callum Pettit explore the past and ponder the future at the once iconic Alberta destination, Fortress Mountain.

Dir: Bryan Smith, Cameron Sylvester

Canada, 10'

Screening at The North Face & Ellis Brigham Snow Night

The Open Water Swim Traverse

A team of 6 swimmers cross from Cyprus to Lebanon to raise awareness on plastic use and it's impact on the Mediterranean sea and the world.

Dir: Edwin Bainou

Lebanon, 10'

Screening at the Zone3 Outdoor Swimming Session

The Wanderlust Women

This is Amira and Aysha’s story of joint turmoil resulting in a discovery of the outdoors, as well as their experiences of diversifying the space as Muslim women.

Dir: Frit Tam

UK, 8'

Screening in Basecamp

Time TBC


Snowboarder and skier Victor and Sam are changing mountaineering. It’s not just about climbing a peak and descending; now they jump crevasses, climb ice walls, carve steep slopes and even paraglide when no exit can be found.

Dir: Etienne Merel



Make sure you stop and take in the Digital Arts Curation that’s playing all weekend, for free, on the digital screens at the Brewery Arts foyer.

You might tune into a skateboarding dance fusion, a mythical ‘Firestack’ on a Hebridean island, a cycling poet, dancers on the vanishing Mere de Glace, or an Icelandic folk tale... Check it out, and get inspired... digital arts boomed during the pandemic, and we are excited to present outdoor inspired artists at the Festival in this accessible way for the first time.

In the Theatre of the Gogs

A contemplation of art and adventure in the southern wilds of New Zealand by both a landscape photographer and an adventure filmmaker.

Dir: Richard SideyNew Zealand / 4'

Julie Brook - Firestack 4 Seasons

Bringing all 4 elements together the Firestack provides a visual catalyst for us to experience the fundamental force of gravity.

Mother of the Sea

The icelandic legend of Sedna; Mother of the Sea, a vision of Climate Future.

Dir: Nicolas BrownNetherlands / 8'


Dancers mirroring the movements of Glaciers, echoing their history and questioning their future.

Dir: Anna-Maria MontonenBelgium / 8'


A show in a skatepark that combines dancers and skaters.

Dir: Lydia Higginson & Josie Dale-JonesUK / 5'


BURNOUT explores the struggles of today's youth, the complexities of the pandemic's enforced isolation and the impact on our mental health. Commissioned by Beaford & RTDI.

Dir: Joshua Vendetta Nash, Gemma Pons AlsinaUK / 4'

Chwedl Dw^r / Fairytale Of Water

A journey through the forgotten folktales and flood myths in the waters of west Wales, told through oral and visual storytelling.

Dir: Peter StevensonUK / 37'

The Bristol Bike Bard

The Bristol Bike Bard uses journeys on her bicycle to inspire poetic verses from the light hearted and comical to social commentary.

Dir: Dave MacFarlaneUK / 10'


Antoine Le Menestrel, former elite climber, tells us with sincerity and sensitivity, his historyat the cliff of Buoux, France and his artistic vision of climbing today.

Dir: Benoit RegordFrance / 26'


In his latest video project, Coalesce, Jossi Wells unites the movement of skiing and dance alongside ballerina Chelsea Keefer to create a duet focused on precise execution and the beauty therein.

Dir: Jossi Wells & Brady Perron

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