2022 Feature Films

At the heart of our Festival is an incredible film programme, which we curate from entries to our year long international film competition. We're delighted to share with you the films that were selected for the 2022 Festival - the quality and creativity once again blew us away!

Our International Film Programme is proudly presented by Danner.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Kendal this year and watched our film curations from the comfort of our Rab Cinemas.

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A Crack in the Mountain

The largest cave passage in the world, Hang Son Doong is a place of spectacular beauty which has remained undisturbed for millions of years. But in 2014, its future was thrown into doubt when plans were announced to build a cable car into the cave.

Dir: Alastair Evans

UK, 100’

Alpine Trilogy (Doggystyle)

Belgian pro climbers Nicolas Favresse and Sébastien Berthe embark on one of the biggest climbing performances of the last few years to link the three mythical routes.

Dir: Damien Largeron, Brian Mathé, Morgan Monchaud

France, 44’

An Accidental Life

Alpinist and speed climber Quinn Brett grapples with life after a near death climbing accident. The film looks, unflinchingly, at the good, the bad and the quirky of her experience.

Dir: Henna Taylor

USA, 87’ 

Brit Rock: 'Ephemeral' & 'Sea To Summit'

Brit Rock is coming to Kendal with a set of showstoppers. Join presenter Alastair Lee with special guests speakers and stars from the screen with a programme of incredible films representing the best of UK rock, ice and adventure stories.

Dir: Alastair Lee

25'  & 55' / UK

Not Available on the Player

Dead Sea Guardians

A Jordanian, an Israeli and a Palestinian undertake an unprecedented, extremely dangerous swim across the Dead Sea to draw the world’s attention to the plight of the vanishing Sea, which is drying up due to overconsumption and poor water management.

Dir: Yoav Kleinman, Ido Glass

Israel, 76’


Following a near fatal crash in 2020 that left her bed-bound and unable to walk, Ana Orenz could think of only one correct course of action - to return to the race that nearly killed her just one year on.

Dir: Rufus Exton, Steve Bliss

UK, 66’


This extraordinary story of resilience and global citizenry follows an unlikely expedition of women as they attempt to complete their audacious goal of skiing to the North Pole.

Dir: Holly Morris

USA, 88’

Not Available on the Player

Finite: The Climate of Change

A raw, authentic and emotional insight into the David and Goliath battle between frontline communities, activists and fossil fuel corporations.

Dir: Rich Felgate

UK, 120’

Havana Libre

After years of surfing being illegal in Cubal, watch the spectacular true story of a diehard group of Cuban surfers rising up against their government to legitimise their biggest passion.

Dir: Corey McLean

USA, 85’


Not a Hero's Journey

17 year-old climate concerned Jessie undertakes an epic adventure on her bike to reach the COP26 climate summit. Along the way she meets amazing people and confronts the powerlessness many of us feel in the face of the climate emergency.

Dir: Catherine Dunn

UK, 43’

Not A Hope In Hoy!

World Premiere Feature Film following climbers Robbie Phillips and Alex Moore as they attempt to climb the World's Hardest Sea Cliff climb, "The Longhope" (E10) on St John's Head, Hoy, Orkney.

Dir: Robbie Phillips

UK, 50’

PASANG: In the Shadow of Everest

Pasang chronicles Pasang Lhamu Sherpa’s tragic and inspiring journey to become the first Nepali woman to summit Everest in 1993.

Dir: Nancy Svendsen

USA, 71’

Path of the Panther

In a struggle resonating across the globe, the panther's habitat has become an island. Its lush territory transformed into subdivisions. A paradise - vanishing into thin air.

Dir: Eric Bendick

UK, 89’

Petzl RocTrip

The RocTrip is back with its most ambitious project yet as some of the best climbers in the world gather in Greece. This World Premiere screening will also feature some of the climbers on stage sharing their own tales.

Dir: Bokeh Prod

UK, 44’

Not Available on the Player

Ride The Wave

Surfer Ben Larg is only 14. But he’s also the Scottish under-18 champion. And now he’s set his heart on riding one of the biggest and most dangerous cold water waves in the world at Mullaghmore, Ireland…

Dir: Martyn Robertson

UK, 78’

Savage Waters

A 19th century treasure-hunter’s journal inspires a captivating journey to seek out and surf a mythical, never-ridden wave in some of the most remote and dangerous waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dir: Mikey Corker

France, 93’


Jenny Tough’s epic journey running across the mountain ranges on six continents comes to life with the World Premiere of her film.

Dir: Ellie Green

UK, 35’

Spine - Britain's Most Brutal Race

Celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of the Montane Spine Race, watch the world premiere and listen to special guest speakers, past winners and the astonishing stories behind the backyard race that has become a global phenomenon.

Dir: Ellie Green, Matt Green

UK, 52’

The Finishers: The Barkley Marathons

Only 15 people have finished the Barkley Marathons, since its creation in 1986, making it arguably the most gruelling ultramarathon ever. In this unique film we get a fascinating insight into the mindset of these rare individuals.

Dir: Alexis Berg, Aurélien Delfosse

France, 48’

The Hermit of Treig

In this humorous, transcendent and life affirming documentary, Ken Smith, now in his 70s, reflects upon the past four decades he has spent living alone in the Scottish Highlands, without electricity or running water.

Dir: Lizzie MacKenzie

UK, 79’

The Ice Mile

The Ice Mile follows Becca over a year of her life, from coming out of the solitude of lockdowns, to being back in the buzz of the swim community events as she trains toward her Ice Mile, exploring grief, healing, community, and the power of cold water.

Dir: Rachel Sarah

UK, 52’

Not Available on the Player

The Mirage

This UK Premiere documents ultra runner Timothy Olson’s attempt to run 50 miles a day for 50 days to break the fastest known time on the Pacific Crest Trail, and be home in time for the birth of his daughter. Plus a thrilling collection of films exploring the highs and lows of long distance trail running.

Dir: Keith Ladzinski

USA, 60’

Thriving - Regeneration in the Lake District

Clare Dyson undertakes a 150 mile journey through the Lake District on her seven-year-old Welsh Cob, Merry. She visits regenerative farmers that are adopting practices that simultaneously produce food whilst boosting biodiversity and helping combat climate change.

Dir: Dom Bush

UK, 35’

Not Available on the Player

Wild Waters

Follow one of the greatest kayakers of all time, Nouria Newman, as she prepares to become the first female to run a 100ft (30m) waterfall. However, it is in her refusal to conform to others’ expectations that Nouria is able to use kayaking as a way to transform into her truest self, and become a once-in-a-generation kayaker.

Dir: David Arnaud

France, 85’

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