Dirtbags Climbing

Dirtbags Climbing redirects textiles and plastic waste generated by the outdoor recreation industry from landfill. We re-use textiles, recycle rope/harnesses and repurpose fabric offcuts. Ethical, ecofriendly, made in Kendal.

Recycled climbing rope chalk bags, repurposed fabric bum bags, belts and more. Founded by J.Wood and J.Dickinson with a sewing machine found in a skip and lots of ideas and creativity. We collect, clean and restitch old climbing and outdoor gear into colourful and unique new products, saving textiles from landfill.

Based in Kendal, we provide an ecofriendly solution to waste textiles and climbing gear. Dirtbags aim to educate and assist those who want to do their bit by upcycling, repurposing and recycling.

Recycled Rope Chalk Bag


Breathing new life into old gear, this chalk bag is made from recycled, retired climbing rope and salvaged fabric off cuts. Recycled climbing rope Salvaged fleece lining. Repurposed fabric base and back Two loops for belt, re-used webbing. Elastic brush loop.

Bowfell Belt


Belt made using retired climbing rope and a buckle from a climbing harness.

Paraglider Chalk Bag


This performance chalk bag is super lightweight, super recycled, and super cool. It has an eighties vibe because that is exactly what it is – old school paraglider probably definitely not safe to use after twenty odd years. Safe enough for holding your chalk while you send that project though! Repurposed paraglider fabric Repurposed webbing belt loops, small – for cord tie, to reduce weight. Small elastic brush loop Salvaged fleece lining Reinforced rim to keep open. Drawcord closure using risers as cord. Weighs around 55g

The Project Boulder Bag


Using repurposed fabric and recycled climbing rope, each boulder bag is completely unique and handmade in Kendal Features: Repurposed fabric one side, tent fabric on the pocket lining Buckle on top for closure/ to clip rock shoes on/roll top Colourful salvaged fleece lining. Drawcord closure with guy line cord, clear stopper toggle. Recycled rope pocket for keys / phone / tape / wallet Three brush loops: one horizontal in webbing, one elastic, one webbing. Hang loop using repurposed webbing Repurposed circular PVC base, hardwearing.

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