Located in the north of Sweden, Woolpower know all about how to keep warm in the cold. Their unique method of manufacture produces clothing which keeps the body warm and comfortable in the most challenging of environments.

Woolpower, based in Östersund in Sweden, have been designing and manufacturing merino wool clothing since 1972.

Woolpower is worn by people around the world in their daily lives, at work and for outdoor activities.

Ethical and Environmental thinking is a core value at Woolpower which means they maintain control throughout the entire value chain; from the birth of the lamb and the production of the wool they use, to their manufacturing process and how they handle waste material.

Each Woolpower garment has a nametag sewn into it featuring the name of the seamstress who made it demonstrating a mark of quality together with pride in their work. Woolpower are proud to say that every product is "Responsibly Made in Sweden".

Woolpower Full Zip Jacket in Rust Red


The Woolpower jacket is made from the unique Ullfrotté circular knit merino fabric with terry loops providing a high quality mid layer that will greatly increase insulation between your base layer and outer layer.

Woolpower 200g Crewneck in Pine Green


The Woolpower Crewneck 200 in Pine Green has long sleeves and is made from the unique Ullfrotté circular knit fabric with terry loops providing a Merino base layer with excellent insulating and wicking properties.

Woolpower LITE Crewneck in Nordic Blue


Woolpower Crewneck LITE Nordic Blue is the perfect Merino wool base layer to wear during high levels of activity and/or in warmer temperatures.

Woolpower Merino Accessories

£9 to £60

Discover a range of merino accessories including beanies, mittens, neck tubes and recycled items.

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