Masters of Insulation

For almost 40 years, Rab® have been designing and creating some of the world’s finest mountaineering clothing and equipment.

The Rab® brand story began in 1981 in Sheffield where Rab Carrington made the first sleeping bag to bear his name. Word soon spread, and the Sheffield attic became a factory floor, creating sleeping bags and jackets for customers far and wide. Using cutting edge materials, as well as time-tested ones such as premium quality European down, today Rab® is known for creating honest, hard-working pieces that you’d rather repair than replace.

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Sustainable Performance

Years of experience go into the design, creation and realisation of all of Rab products. Behind this stands a deep respect and love for the mountains we play, explore and adventure in. Inspired by this, the updated Microlight Collection is devoted to everything we’re passionate about - performance, technology and the environment.


After decades crafting clothing for mountaineers and alpinists, Khroma is Rab’s dedicated ski-specific collection. Rugged, protective and reliable, Khroma is for those who love the up as much as the down.

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