Petzl’s mission for over 40 years has been to create innovative tools and services that allow you to progress, position and protect yourself and others in vertical environments, as well as to light your way in the dark.

We continually look for the best solutions in performance, ergonomics, comfort and reliability allowing us to create solutions to meet your needs. The demands and the commitment of both professional and sport users are what guide our approach to help you access the inaccessible.

Head Protection Beyond the Standard

Did you know? In vertical sports, side impacts to the head are just as common as impacts to the top! This is why we have developed our TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION.

Night Running

Discover our lighting solutions for runners along with advice on Reactive Lighting, tips and more...

Belay Better

Advice on best practice for belaying, catching a fall and partner checks

Enjoy Your Night Life!

From camping to star gazing... Find just the right headlamp for your next outing...

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