This year, more than ever, has taught us the importance of slowing down, listening to our body and nurturing our mental health.

Our #NurtureWell campaign encourages everyone to nurture the connection between mind to body.   We are inviting you to try 12 different sessions with 12 different practitioners.

The Wellness sessions are FREE and accessible for all!

They will be live across our social channels and available to catch up on our website!

The sessions are brought to you by one of our wonderful partners of the Festival, BAM Bamboo Clothing.

Discover how you can Nurture your Wellness.

Welcome to the community.


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Introducing the Practitioners

Sophia Butler-Cowdry

Thursday 19 November 7.30am

Functional Yoga Flow with Breathing Meditation

Joaquin Gomez

Friday 20 November 7.30am

Mobility Flow

Sabine Appleby

Saturday 21 November 7.30am

Soul Flow

Rosie Underwood

Sunday 22 November 7.30am


Dianne Bondy

Sunday 22 November 5pm

Vin to Yin - the best of both worlds

Helen Roscoe

Monday 23 November 7.30am

Mindful Yoga - a moving meditation

Adam Thwaites

Tuesday 24 November 7.30am


Wibbs Coulsen

Wednesday 25 November 7.30am

Mandukya Yoga

Diane Sheron

Thursday 26 November 7.30am

Meditation & Body Scan

Eugene Butcher

Friday 27 November 7.30am

Intro to AcroYogaDance

Nehanda Truscott-Reid

Saturday 28 November 7.30am

Soul Flow and Meditation

Adam Husler

Sunday 29 November 7.30am

Yoga for those Juicy Bits

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