Open Mountain: Inclusion and Connection is a new voice in mountain and outdoor literature. A panel discussion with performance prose and poetry, our event will showcase people under-represented in the outdoors. 

Following an open call for submissions, we showcased 5 selected pieces of written work. We have welcomed submissions from low-income and working-class writers, writers from ethnic, cultural and religious minorities, LGBTQ+ writers and disabled writers.

Supported by the John Muir Trust, Join Polly Atkin, Anita Sethi and Kate Davis discuss ‘Open Mountain'. An event that will raise questions about who is allowed in or shut out of particular places and conversations about those places, and why. We want to change those conversations.

The mountain is open to everyone.

We were overwhelmed and deeply impressed by the breadth, range, and quality of work submitted, and wished we could include more of it. We were delighted to invite to the stage : CMarie Fuhrman - co-editor of Native Voices,  an anthology of Native American poetry. Writer Claudine Tuotuongi, poet Asim Khan, walking guide and writer Ange Harker and author Kate Davies.

About Kendal Mountain Literature Festival

Our literature festival is a chance to explore and celebrate our relationship and connection with landscape, nature, people, and place. We want to bring all that imagination and experience; whether embodied or virtual, to provoke, inspire, and ensure the survival of wilderness and creativity. Our diverse programme of events features some of the UK’s foremost authors of nature, landscape and mountain literature.