OPEN OUT / OPEN IN - Rachael Kidd

Sugar Store Gallery - Brewery Arts Centre

Rachael Kidd’s work is primarily about the landscape and how we fit within it. She is interested in ideas around wilderness and the self. She digs deep into “Landscape” as a subject as she attempts to move away from seeing her environment as a simply framed and romanticised place, and more towards it being a complex structure for experience - a cognitive landscape - a sensuous and animate world. With this body of work she asks; What is the unseen landscape? What lies beyond the surface and is this where true wilderness resides? Is the world perceiving itself through us, as we do through it? Drawing upon a range of mediums, her work is an inquiry into the surface of things as points of direct proximity and exchanges between ourselves and our environment. Despite our limited capacity to observe the world through the senses, surfaces can become keys and corridors for transcending these confines. 'Open Out / Open In' celebrates how our mind and body is able to open up infinitely as a we explore our surroundings and imagine what lies beyond. Open Out / Open In exhibition was part of The Kendal Mountain Festival 2019.

Rachael Kidd website

'Moments of Being’: Mountain, Cave, Coast - Louise Ann Wilson

Heaton Cooper Studio, Grasmere

This exhibition is about looking at the landscape differently and using that alternative perspective to transform the way we think about ‘missing’, marginal or challenging life-events. Familiar and much loved sites including mountains, caves and coast, become places where both personal and public issues can be addressed. The expression, ‘moments of being’ was used by Virginia Woolf to describe sudden revelatory shocks that are counterpoints to what she referred to as ‘non-being’ and have the effect of ‘puncturing the cotton wool of daily life that renders one blind to the particular and the common place.’ Louise Ann Wilson is a site-specific and landscape performance maker, scenographer and director. Showing film, photographs, objects, drawings, poems and texts 'Moments of Being’: Mountain, Cave, Coast draws on the body of work Louise has created over the last decade. The exhibition was part of The Kendal Mountain Festival 2019.

Louise Ann Wilson website