Covid Guidance

To all our Festival friends joining us at the Festival this year.

We wanted to reach out to update you all about our COVID planning for the upcoming Kendal Mountain Festival.

We are in regular contact with our local council and other event producers about their own protocols and what we can learn from them. As of now, the advice has been to move forward with the appropriate precautions in place.

Understandably some individuals are nervous about being in an enclosed space for a prolonged period of time. At the moment Government guidelines leave face coverings and social distancing as a matter for personal choice. We will obviously review this approach if these guidelines change.

However this is what we have implemented:Covid has been considered throughout the design of the main Basecamp site, with key congregation areas such as food and drink being located outside as to dramatically increase space and ventilation. Internal spaces have also increased in size to provide more room per person. Mechanical ventilation in the tent has been increased dramatically, the warm air ducts we are using can provide fresh air at a rate of up to 36,000m3/h if needed, providing the ability to refresh the entire internal space every 7.5 minutes running at full capacity. There are increased entrance and exit points and these can be open to provide increased ventilation when required.

Hand sanitisers will be provided at various locations in the Basecamp and around the site.What we’re doing to help keep everyone safe:

● Prior to the Festival our staff/volunteers are being asked to take regular Covid-19 tests● We encourage visitors to take a Covid-19 test before visiting us.● We encourage visitors to wear a face covering, unless exempt, while moving around the Basecamp and in venues.Disposable masks are available for customers on request.● We will display the NHS QR code for visitors wishing to use the NHS Covid-19 app.● Volunteers will be encouraged to wear a face mask, unless exempt.● Visitors are encouraged to use contactless/card payments to reduce physical contact.● All visitors and staff are requested to keep hands clean by regular washing and sanitising. Hand sanitiser stations are available at entrances and within the toilet facilities.● All high traffic and regularly touched contact areas will continue to receive additional cleaning.

In the venues that we use such as at The Brewery Arts Centre - these are equipped with air handling units which circulate clean air.

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