Thanks to everyone who completed our film ticket survey
We were overwhelmed by the response and we really enjoyed reading your views. Based on your feedback we are therefore updating the way we deliver our Film Programme and how we provide film tickets this year.

What's new?

For 2019, we are excited to be introducing a new system for viewing the films that make up our Film Programme. We are selling individual Film Session Tickets instead of Day Film Passes. The reason for doing this is to maximise capacity at venues (many of you noted that the venues were not always full but we were unable to sell tickets to these screenings as we had sold out of day passes) and allow you more flexibility to enjoy the full depth of our programme, whilst keeping film at the very heart of our Festival.
We are offering a discount for purchasing multiple Film Session Tickets, so the overall cost of watching films will remain more or less the same.
The details
Please note that these prices and discounts cover sessions that are part of the Film Programme; premiers and high profile films might command a different price as often we have to pay large screening fees to be able to show these films.
  • Film Session Tickets are £7 per session or £6 for concessions (18 and under / students / over 65).
  • You can purchase one ticket to watch one film session or purchase multiple Film Sessions Tickets over the Festival weekend.
  • You choose the exact film sessions you would like to see – selecting the day, time and venue. All film sessions (apart from stand alone feature films) will be screened multiple times over the Festival.
  • We offer a discount for booking multiple Film Session Tickets over the weekend: four film sessions will cost £26 and five film sessions will cost just £30. Any additional Film Session Tickets will be £6 each. 
  • We are starting the day off at 9.30am with the first film screening and each film session will be 90 minutes in length to allow a 45 - 60 minute break between sessions to provide more time to access food and drink.

Film content

Thanks to your feedback, we will continue to programme mixed content for the majority of our film sessions and we will increase our focus on short films with strong visual and narrative qualities. 

Our film collections are curated from entries to our year-long international film competition, entries have now closed and our team are busy selecting the films and curating a stunning programme for you to enjoy. We don’t make the content ourselves and whilst we work hard to scout films for you across the full breadth of outdoor disciplines we find content follows trends and isn’t always equally balanced across the different outdoor disciplines. A few of our lovely Festival-goers asked why we can't offer both individual film tickets and film passes. Unfortunately offering both options isn't possible because we wouldn’t be able to guarantee that there were spaces for the day film passes at each venue when we are also selling venue specific tickets. We are also aware that we need to get the details of the film programme out as early as possible!

We will be screening thirteen different film collections which are repeated across the Festival:

6 general collections: A, B, C, D, E & F, which will contain a mixture of subjects.

7 themed collections: Mountaineering, Climb, Snow, Run, Bike, Women Led and Youth Programmed, which will contain content specific to their title.

Each of these collections will contain unique content, so for example, if you book A, E, Climb and Run you will see four different film collections. 

Book your film tickets today to secure the time and venue of your choice and trust that whichever collection you choose, we will take your on an inspirational curated journey through an incredible selection of outdoor films.

Prefer to wait? In October we’ll be revealing the exact films that will be shown within each collection so if you prefer to know which films you will see you can wait for this date, but we can't guarantee that sessions won't sell out!