We're excited to announce our 2019 panel of film judges, who have the difficult job of selecting the films that will win our famous Kendal awards. 

Who's in this year's panel:


Keme is a keen outdoorsman, British Journalist and is best known from his work as a news anchor andreporter at Channel 4 News. He’s been the Chair of the Jury for the last four years and we’re delighted he’s back again!


As an editor, film programmer and runner with a soft spot for hard weather, Paula combines her passion for the great outdoors with her curiosity for story and connection. She is part of the creative team behind the European Outdoor Film Tour and the International Ocean Film Tour.


Ed is the founder and Director of Salt Street Productions, a Sheffield based production company that makes bold and exciting films about action sports. Ed set up Salt Street while still at university, and his burnt-out ski film RED RUN went viral, amassing more than 10 millions views worldwide. Since then Ed and the Salt Street crew have produced content for C4, BBC Sport, Red Bull and DJI.


Jenny’s passion is in human-powered endurance challenges, and exploring this beautiful planet, but particularly in mountains. Through her adventures she is always pushing and finding her limits, and she enjoys sharing her stories and encouraging others to explore their own limits, love the natural world, and protect our wild places.


David Smart is the editorial director of Gripped Publishing and founding editor of four magazines, including Gripped, Canada’s Climbing Magazine. The author of five climbing guidebooks and articles in both the Canadian Alpine Journal and Climbing magazine, as well as two novels and the memoir A Youth Wasted Climbing.