Join ten Young Programmers for a film session exploring the highs, lows, freedoms and boundaries of what excites our youth. This will be a dynamic, live session with filmmakers Max Romney, Reuben Krabbe, Bren Orton and Remoy Philips taking the stage.

Our Young Programmers are;

Ben Arrowsmith, Joe Plenderleith, Jemima Denny, Anna Morton-Jones, Evie Joyram, Lily Davies, Sam Counsell, Roddy Burditt, Lucy Brooks, Emily Budd

These Young People have been engaged with Artistic Director Claire Carter over the last three months; scouting films, giving feedback on our content and creating a programme of films that best explores their view of an adventurous world.

Please note there will be a 20 minute section of Hurdle shown, followed by an extended Q and A with producer Remoy Philip. You can see the full film in 'Outside Thinkers 1'.

This a Film Hub North funded initiative that takes inspiration from 2019 Arts Councils Cultural Democracy Guide. This supports our consultation with our audience, and those who don't yet consider themselves our audience to create a more open Kendal, that can Share the Adventure wider, and with greater authenticity and equity.

Book your tickets using the links on this page and browse the films included in this collection.


1 in 5 children in the UK have never seen the ocean. Volvo & Sky Atlantic present a true story of one man’s mission to connect inner city kids with the sea. Before it’s too late.Directed by D.A.R.Y.L and showing exclusively on Sky Atlantic from October 2nd 2018.


On his quest to complete his 3-part celestial ski photo series pro photographer Reuben Krabbe ventures into the backcountry of British Columbia to attempt to shoot a deep space ski photo of the Orion Nebula with a skier in the foreground.


There is no good without bad, all we can do is be thankful that the goodtimes outnumber the bad and remember what they truly are. A reminder to live life to the fullest.


Bike vs Parcour. Paris to London. Who will take the victory?


As the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories approached its 50th year, Hurdle reveals an important and intimate story emerging from the hearts and actions of Palestinian youth. The new generation responds to a world of walls, checkpoints and arrests in an unexpected and inspiring way. Hurdle’s protagonists, Sami and Mohammad, teach the creative practices of parkour and photography, to their communities as a means to overcome personal and political obstacles.

Free Flow

Hazel Findlay enjoys an epic day of mountain running and solo climbing in the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia.


Running through the Alps it is important to stop and smell the roses... or at least sketch them.


In South Africa, an impending water crisis grips an entire town.