We have an incredibly exciting programme lined up, which this year is united under the theme of Openness.

Openness both as a call to action to the outdoor community and as a commitment from our team to challenge the status quo and broaden the people, places, experiences and ideas that are represented on our stage.

It’s a call to support the change and adaptation that's happening in the outdoor world and beyond; in response to the climate crisis, in support of equity and diversity.

Openness ensures freedom and creativity; the mainstays of mountain culture. Imagine trying to climb a mountain criss crossed with borders, walls, boundaries...

We have to keep our mountains open, and here, by mountain we mean your mountain; whatever that might be; your mind, your definitions of adventure, your definition of your self.
By being open, as unjudgmental as a mountain, with conditions just as flexible, we find the unifying experiences, rather than the divisive ones.

We can't wait to welcome you to Kendal 2019, to explore this theme, whilst celebrating the oh-so-wonderful great outdoors.

Image by Tim Foster