Wilderness Songs

Just sit back, close your eyes and listen

When it comes to capturing recordings of the Earth's wild places, sound is often overlooked in favour of pictures. But to really listen to the song of a humpback whale, or the howling of a pack of wolves, awakens a completely different feeling, more magical, yet somehow 'closer' to the action. Presented in dolby 5:1 surround sound, this immersive session will give you a new perspective on the natural world. Using 30 years of the best sound recordings, from Wounded Buffalo, the Emmy award winning experts behind the soundtracks of Frozen Planet and Blue Planet, you'll experience some of nature's most incredible soundscapes. 

About the speaker

Justin Anderson: As Producer / Director of the Mountains episode for BBC’s Planet Earth 2, Justin has traveled from Ladakh and Everest in the Himalaya, to the remote mountains of Peru. He has directed stories as diverse as the first ‘snow leopard love story’ to ‘pole dancing bears’ and ‘extreme sports speed riders’ in the Alps.

Presented by Wounded Buffalo

Wounded Buffalo was founded by two good friends with a mutual passion for sound.

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