UK Film Premiere - Rotpunkt, presented by Patagonia, with Alex Megos

Rotpunkt documents the advent, the agony and the art of the redpoint through Alex Megos’s efforts to redefine the boundaries of the form.

The film will trace the redpoint—which transformed rock climbing from an engineering problem into a brilliant test of mental and physical strength—from its origins with a ragtag bunch of tights-wearing revolutionaries in rural Bavaria, to its golden era with Wolfgang Güllich, to its new ideal in the German phenom Alex Megos as he battles to unlock new levels of human potential.
Rotpunkt Film Trailer
Rotpunkt Film Trailer

About Alex Megos

Alexander started climbing when he was 6 years old. By age 10, he was already climbing 300-meter multi-pitch routes with his father. In 2006, Alexander began training with the local Bavarian team Landesstützpunkt Franken, and later trained with Bundesstützpunkt Sportklettern in Erlangen-Nürnberg, where he met Ludwig “Dicki” Korb and Patrick Matros—the coaches he still works with today. He made his competition debut in the 2006 Bavarian Sportclimbing Cup and three years later won the first of two European Youth Cup championships.

In 2007, at age 14, Alexander climbed his first 8a (French scale). He topped out on Drive By Shooting— his first 8c—in 2009 and in 2011 he scaled San Ku Kai, his first 9a. Alexander’s 2013 ascent of Spain’s Estado Critico is the world’s first published 9a onsight.

Today, Alex spends most of his time training and traveling to world-famous crags, where he often climbs the hardest routes or opens new routes.

Presented by Patagonia

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