The Willowherb Review: Jessica J Lee, Amanda Thomson & Jay G Ying

with Jessica J. Lee, Amanda Thomson and Jay G Ying

A ground-breaking journal.

Discover the new literary journal The Willowherb Review, a ground-breaking new literary journal dedicated to diversity in nature writing, publishing emerging and established writers of colour who take as their themes place, environment, and nature.

We are delighted to present a showcase of the exciting work Willowherb is presenting, with editor Jessica J. Lee (author of Turning) and contributors Amanda Thomson and Jay G Ying.

This will be one special evening. Not to be missed! 



About the authors:

Jessica J. Lee is a British-Canadian-Taiwanese author, environmental historian, and winner of the RBC Taylor Prize Emerging Author Award. She received a doctorate in environmental history and aesthetics in 2016, and her first book, Turning, was published in 2017. Jessica is the founding editor of The Willowherb Review. Jessica’s second book, Two Trees Make a Forest: On Memory, Migration and Taiwan, is out in November. She lives in Berlin.

Amanda Thomson is a visual artist and writer who teaches at the Glasgow School of Art. Her creative practice fuses traditional and digital printmaking techniques, photography, bookmaking, video and sound and creative non-fiction. A lot of her work—in art and writing—explores how we are located (and locate ourselves) in the world, nature, flora and fauna, and is often rooted in the highlands of Scotland. Her first book, A Scots Dictionary of Nature, was published by Saraband Books in 2018 and a new paperback edition is launched this month.You can find her website at, Instagram @ascotsdictionaryofnature and Twitter @passingplace.

Jay G Ying is a poet, fiction writer, reviewer and translator based in Edinburgh. His work can be found in The White Review, The Poetry Review, AmbitThe Willowherb Review, The Scores among others. He is a winner of the 2019 New Poet’s Prize, and was shortlisted twice for the Desperate Literature Short Fiction Prize. His first poetry pamphlet, Wedding Beasts, is forthcoming from Bitter Melon.