Salt Street versus Kendal

After bringing the incredible Britain's Abandoned Playgrounds to Kendal Mountain Festival in 2017, Salt Street Productions are back!

For 2019 they will be bringing several athletes from their latest BBC series 'Versus'. The series sees sport against sport going head to head. Skater vs BMX, fell runner vs mountain biker and drone vs motocross. Expect live tricks on stage!

About Salt Street

Salt Street Productions make bold and exciting films about action sports. Through a combination of unexpected locations, talented athletes and the will to turn imagination into reality, they produce films that feel distinctive and fresh. Based in the heart of Sheffield they are part of a thriving sporting community and work collaboratively with others to realise projects of ambition, scale and energy.

They've worked with Red Bull, DJI Global, and Channel 4, with their most successful films exceeding 10 million views.

Did you know? Salt Street was named after the street where they shot their first skateboarding film.