Film Première - Shelter presented by Picture Organic Clothing

Somewhere in the wild expanse of the mountains, a group of five friends, boards and climbing skins, marvel at the vast untracked mountain faces and the majesty of the surrounding peaks. The story starts here.

Don’t miss this beautifully shot UK Première hosted by Picture Organic Clothing, an exciting new partner for us this year.

Shelter follows five friends (Jeremy Jones, Leo Taillefer and Thomas Delfino) as they embark on a human-powered journey exploring the historic mountain huts of the Alps with their guide friend Serge. He shows them how he has witnessed a changing landscape and the impact of climate change in the high mountains of the years.

A sobering film with gruelling ascents and rewarding descents we combine real adventure with a strong environmental message to us all.

The event will feature filmmakers and special guests from the film.

Presented by Picture Organic Clothing

Picture Organic Clothing inspire an environmentally-responsible lifestyle through their passion for snowboarding and skiing. Developing the products of tomorrow that actively contribute to the fight against climate change, that is our core mission.

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