Emily Chappell - Where There's a Will

Discovering Endurance in a Race Across Europe

with Emily Chappell

Endurance cyclist Emily Chappell joins us to share her new book a story of transformation from London cycle courier to cross-continental bike racer, testing the limits of resilience and endurance.

Despite seeing herself as distinctly normal, Emily has done remarkable things, including being the first female finisher of the infamous Transcontinental Race in 2016, which spanned the width of Europe. The story of that race, in which she rode nearly 4,000 miles in thirteen days and ten hours, sleeping in short bursts whenever exhaustion took her, is the centrepiece of a narrative of resilience and joy on a bike.

On her second attempt, she won the women's event, covering nearly 4,000 miles in 13 days and ten hours, sleeping in short bursts wherever exhaustion took her. In the aftermath of a win that troubled as much as pleased her she worked with Mike Hall, the founder of the race, until his tragic death on the road. 

Emily examines the sometime competing natures of comradeship, competition, vulnerability and will in a nuanced, insightful and inspiring tale of endurance and achievement.

A beautifully written book about a normal person finding the capacity to do something extraordinary. 

About the author

Emily Chappell worked as a cycle courier in London for many years, telling her story in What Goes Around. Since then she has explored the world on her bike and committed to supporting others to do the same, as a founder of The Adventure Syndicate.

Find her @EmilyChappell