David Gange - The Frayed Atlantic Edge

A Historian's Journey from Shetland to the channel

with David Gange

Sunday 17th November | 16:30 - 18:00 | Malt Room

We welcome David Gange, a brand new voice in nature and travel writing to the stage.

David joins us to share his new work The Frayed Atlantic Edge, a whirlwind trip along Britain's coasts from Shetland to Cornwall, with each chapter serving as a love letter to a different region of the British coastline.

Travelling by kayak, on foot and at the end of a rope, David encounters wildcats, basking sharks and vast colonies of seabirds, as well as rich and diverse coastal communities. Spending nights in sight of the sea, outdoors and without a tent, the journey crosses hundreds of peaks and millions of waves. Written with literary finesse in an immersive style, and informed by history, this new talent in nature writing takes us on a whirlwind trip with each chapter serving as a love letter to a different region of the British coastline.

The historian and nature writer set out to travel the seaboard in the course of a year. This coastline spans just eight-hundred miles as the crow flies, but the complex folds of its firths and headlands stretch more than ten-thousand. Even those who circumnavigate Britain by kayak tend to follow the shortest route; the purpose of this journey was to discover these coastlines by seeking out the longest.

  • An intensely political book … there is uncomplicated beauty as well as wonderful descriptions

    Country Life

  • In his own words, this journey, and the book [Gange] has written, is "an exercise in the art of interpreting the intertwining". For anyone with a love of land, sea and people, it's an exercise well worth reading.

    BBC Country File Magazine

    Book of the Month

About the author

Born in the Peak District, David Gange is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Birmingham and has published history books with Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Oneworld Publications. He has appeared on BBC2 and Smithsonian television as well as in the TLS and Big Issue. His work also includes nature writing and photography in various books and magazines, and he has held visiting fellowships in Brazil and Japan as well as at the National University of Ireland, Galway.