Best of Kendal

Watch a selection of 2019 winning films, screening over six venues in Kendal.

We will publicise the film titles that will be shown in each venue on Saturday night after the Awards Ceremony, please head to your preferred venue and pick a seat on a first come, first served basis.

Best of Kendal will be screened in the following venues:

Brewery Arts Centre Screen 2
Brewery Arts Centre Theatre
Brewery Arts Centre Studio
Kendal Town Hall
Shakespeare Centre
The Fleece Inn

Programme 1
16:30 Kendal Town Hall
20:00 Shakespeare Centre

Well Preserved
Dream Job*
Fear of the Unkown*
How Not to Capture the Grand Canyon
A Social Backcountry
Counter Mapping
Nowt but a Fleeting Thing
Boys from the Back of Beyond
Classic Rock
Free Flow

Programme 2
16:30 BAC Theatre
20:00 Kendal Town Hall

Kai Jones
Bob & Marion
Camel Finds Water
One Breath Around the World*
Scenes from a Dry City*
Moving On
Dedicate: The Good Fight
Coming Home - Ag Teacht Abhaile
Climbing Blind*

Programme 3
!6:30 Ye Olde Fleece Inn
20:00 BAC Studio

Sketching the Alps
The Running Pastor
Little Steps
Hors Piste
Life of Pie
The Big Bang*
Circle of the Sun
United States of Joe's
Last Women Standing

Programme 4
16:30 BAC Studio
20:00 Brewery Arts Centre Theatre 

The Unseen Ocean
Dream of White Horses
Little Miss Sumo*
The Postman
The Flip
Forest Floor*

Programme 5
16:30 Shakespeare Centre
20:00 Ye Olde Fleece Inn

Chu Bien
The Last Mountain*