Here's the links to donate to our speakers charity fundraisers:

Jamie's Munro Challenge for World Bicycle Relief

WBR is committed to helping individuals overcome the barrier of distance and improve access to education, health care, and livelihood in rural parts of the world.

WBR has provided over 500,000 robust and sustainable bicycles to students, healthcare workers, and other individuals in developing countries. Their number-one goal is to see quality bicycle transportation as a legitimate economic empowerment tool.

Please consider supporting me as I work to transform a community through the Power of Bicycles. For recipients, it is more than just a bike. It is a tool for economic and cultural empowerment. Every donation makes a difference, and every £120 we raise results in a brand new Buffalo Bicycle to help mobilise more students, teachers, and healthcare workers.

Sean's Project 105 for True Venture Foundation

True Venture has been launched in conjunction with a new world record attempt by renowned adventurer and world record holder, Sean Conway. This will be our first major fundraise.

Sean is an inspiration to us all and this year completed 105 iron distance triathlons in 105 consecutive days to break the world record!

Iron 105 was a real community project with many local clubs, businesses and people getting involved. This culminated in an epic Day 102 (world record day) where the local community came out in numbers to support Sean.

All funds raised during the event will go into the local community and sports clubs to help build a healthier, more active and more competitive Wales. These funds will be administered as grants to sports clubs later in the year in conjunction with our charity partner, The Community Foundation Wales.

Nina's ultramarathon for Wellbeing of Women Black Women in Menopause

I started Black Women in Menopause because, as a black woman, I discovered there was a gap for us to connect with each other and have a safe space to share their experiences, support each other and learn.

I am adopting the identity of an ultra-marathon runner. I have many identities, some are positive and some negative, not through labelling or judging of myself, but those given by other people. What do I mean by that? By labelling me as a menopausal woman what images or thoughts does that conjure up? For me, Im not menopause and menopause isnt me.

The menopause narrative is negative and we need to change this, as well as raise awareness of what is going to happen to half the population. Change is inevitable and we would be better equipped if we understood and accepted that at some point in our lives menopause will happen. At this stage in my life whether it be menopausal or not, its also for me, as well as longevity. Longevity is my health currency; physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and spiritually.

Haroon's Boston Marathon for Charity Right School Meals

As the world’s oldest annual marathon and one of the best-known road racing events, this marathon is an extra special one for me – it will be my sixth and final World Marathon Major, earning me the title of Six Star Finisher. That means I’ll have successfully run the six major marathons in the world: London, Berlin, Chicago, New York, Tokyo and Boston.

Not only will that be a huge personal achievement, but I’ll reach that milestone while representing Charity Right as an Ambassador and championing their important cause. Because at the end of the day, it’s for children in need all over the world; children who go hungry every day, unable to attend school or break the cycle of poverty.

With Charity Right providing school meals across 8 countries – Yemen, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Malawi and Turkey – these children have a chance for a new life, a fresh start.

Haroon - Trek Mount Snowdon For Palestine

We are climbing Mount Snowdon with Charity Right!

Snowdon, as the highest mountain in Wales, stands as a symbol of strength and resilience, much like the Palestinian children we’re fundraising for.

At a time when our arms cannot physically reach out to help and our kitchens cannot extend to their children, there is another way in which you can offer relief. By donating generously, you become a beacon of hope through the hunger, fear and exhaustion devastating the Palestinian children.

With your generous contributions, Charity Right are committed to supporting the children of Palestine now by providing ongoing emergency aid and in the future by establishing a school meals programme in the country.

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