Kendal Mountain Festival release 2019 Trailer 'Open Out'

There's a tangible buzz of excitement in the air as Kendal Mountain Festival (14-17 November) presented by Columbia draws ever closer. Ready to welcome thousands of outdoor enthusiasts with open arms, the South Lakeland town of Kendal is gearing up one of the biggest annual gatherings of the outdoor community. From seasoned mountaineers and intrepid explorers to inquisitive youngsters, everyone is welcome.

This year's trailer captures the awe and wonder of the festival through the wide eyes of a child. Letting their imagination run wild, the child's mind is filled with endless possibilities of adventure. With no preconceptions, to them, the sky’s the limit.

Kendal Mountain Festival Director, Jacqui Scott says: ‘We believe the ‘mountain’ isn’t defined by immense peaks and glaciers but rather wherever you can connect with the spirit of the outdoors. ‘Open Out’ perfectly illustrates our desire to nurture a sense of adventure across the generations. We want to open the outdoors and encourage both children and adults alike to embrace experiencing it for themselves.’

Cut Media’s Eilidh Campbell says: “Kendal Mountain Festival sees thousands of people of all ages and cultures joining together to open their minds to the possibilities that lay outside. We wanted to encapsulate this year’s theme of culture and inclusion and remind people that enjoying the mountains is available to everyone and that mountain adventure is not limited to famous peaks in faraway lands. 

Making the Kendal Mountain Festival Trailer 2019 was such great fun to be a part of! Our concept follows a young female protagonist visiting the festival for the first time. As she moves around the busy foyer, inspired by the people around her, the girl’s imagination comes to life as she envisages the characters from some of this year's films. The intent was to demonstrate the inspiration that the festival gives to people of all ages to go and enjoy the adventures that lie outside.”

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