Have you seen our film ticket update?

Thanks to everyone who completed our Film Ticket survey, we were overwhelmed by the response and we really enjoyed reading your views. Based on your feedback we are updating the way we deliver our Film Programme and how we provide film tickets this year.

What's new?

For 2019, we are excited to be introducing a new system for viewing the films that make up our Film Programme. We will be selling individual Film Session Tickets instead of Day Film Passes. The reason for doing this is to maximise capacity at venues (many of you noted that the venues were not always full but we were unable to sell tickets to these screenings as we had sold out of day passes) and allow you more flexibility to enjoy the full depth of our programme, whilst keeping film at the very heart of our Festival.
We will offer a discount for purchasing multiple Film Session Tickets, so the overall cost of watching films will remain more or less the same.