Kendal Library was added to our roster of venues in 2018 due to the fantastic support of Cumbria County Council. 

Kendal Library has one of the largest collection of Mountain Literature in the UK and Cumbria Library Service is proud of the Mountaineering Collection which is permanently housed in Kendal Library. It is appropriate that its’ home is within sight of the Lakeland Fells that have been the inspiration for so many climbers and mountaineers.

The collection itself owes much to the vision of Brian Read, former Librarian of Barrow who compiled a bibliography and introductory survey of mountaineering literature during the 1970’s. Using this as a working guide the collection has grown into one of the largest of its kind within a public Library. Whether your interest is in Scotland or the Alps, Himalaya or Pyrenees there will be something for you amongst the shelves.

The earliest texts go back to the mid 19thcentury and include such gems as J.D. Forbes ‘The Alps of Savoy’, J.D Hooker ‘Himalayan Journals and Douglas Freshfield’s ‘Exploration of the Caucasus.’ The early expeditions to Everest are comprehensive and the collection also includes a wide selection of memoirs, journals and general narratives.