Elementum - An evening with Jay Armstrong

A special evening with Jay Armstrong. Founder and editor of Elementum Journal.

Elementum is an independent literary journal with a focus on nature writing and visual storytelling. By exploring our connection to nature through stories of transformation and startling imagery, we hope we will better understand our place, our responsibilities and the possibilities open to us.

They commission work from both established and emerging writers and artists, actively seeking out voices that speak from differing perspectives and that offer the reader new insights.  

Join Jay Armstrong as talks about the journey of Elementum and gives advice to new writers. 

Not to be missed! 

We are proud and thankful to have Elementum as a media partner of the Literature Festival. Copies of edition 4 and 5 will be available in our bookshop. 

  • It is an absolutely extraordinary text: a book, not a journal, really.

    Robert Macfarlane,

    Award winning writer

  • In an age of beautiful books, here is the most beautiful journal. Elementum is as glorious as the world it describes, full of the most luminous writing and striking imagery. An object to treasure.

    Alex Preston

    Author of As Kingfishers Catch Fire

  • Elementum is a unique publication. It doesn't just have good writing in it (though it does that, and plenty of it), but it's as beautiful an object as anything on the market – and the photographs, paintings and drawings in it complement the words to stunning effect. A labour of love, and lovely in itself.

    Sam Leith

    Literary Editor, The Spectator