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Lorem Ipsum

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  • “Kate Harris packs more exuberant spirit, intrepid charm, wit, poetry and beauty into her every paragraph than most of us can manage in a lifetime. Whether writing of Pony Club or remotest Tibet, her longing for Mars or her days at Oxford, she braids heart, mind and spirit with a wide-awake vitality that inspires wonder. Lands of Lost Borders carried me up into a state of openness and excitement I haven’t felt for years. It’s a modern classic.”

    Pico Iyer

  • This is environmentalism turned into elegy. It's so powerful, so political... These are serious poems for serious times..that will stay with you and make you think about what we're doing with the planet.

    Carolyn Hitt

    Wales Book of the Year Awards Judge

  • Refreshing, frank, edifying, courageous . . . I was quite emotional by the end. Luke Turner is a serious thinker and a unique and important new voice

    Amy Liptrot

    Author of The Outrun

  • Richards’s prose is by turns beautiful, funny, evocative and learned, the pages illuminated by lovely, warming footnotes.

    Alex Preston


  • 'An evocative debut...weaves ancient Hindu beliefs into a fast-past quest...satisfyingly classic in feel.' - Imogen Russell-Williams - Guardian - Books of the Month 25.01.19