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  • My eyes were closed, and now they are open", remarks Nan Shepherd in The Living Mountain (1977), one of the defining works of twentieth-century nature writing. Shepherd was describing the experience of waking high in the Cairngorms after a night's sleep; she was also, of course, referring to the power of the living world to open our eyes more broadly. Mountains, forests, rivers, a patch of edgeland where life flourishes; all can prompt new ways of seeing, belonging and relating, all can cause deep shifts in the heart's sense of itself. To be open to the world is an ethical – even a political – stance, as well as an aesthetic one. At a time when borders are being reinforced, positions hardened, prejudices deepened, when walls are literally being built between communities and nation-states, openness becomes vital. To be open means to welcome difference and change, to fight for equality and generosity and to fight against barriers and enclosures; to walk wide-eyed with wonder through this beautiful, vulnerable planet of ours. These are some of the qualities celebrated by this year's Kendal Mountain Literature Festival's rich, diverse programme. Now, more than ever, we must keep our minds and our mountains open.

    Robert MacFarlane

    Literature Patron

  • Hanna is an exceptional artist – her work is utterly original, searching and humane. She works fluidly across art forms, always seeking to expand the communicative possibilities and points of access to her projects. She brings her fierce and associative imagination to marginal cultural forms, vulnerable places, languages, and communities of practice, unearthing and reimagining stories of relevance and resonance in our troubled times.

    Ruth Little

    Dramturg and Director of Cape Farewell

  • A brave and beautiful book, electrifying on sex and nature, religion and love. No one is writing quite like this. I'm so glad Luke Turner exists

    Olivia Laing

    author of The Lonely City and Crudo

  • Part travelogue, part biography, part meditation on British identity, Footnotes is altogether delightful, and Fiennes is a wise and genial travelling companion.

    Gregory Norminton

    Author of The Devil’s Highway

  • The author proves that age is just a number and that determination and grit can take a person to unexpected heights. For her, that meant conquering El Capitan at the age of 66. Wolownick's story of her drive to push her physical body beyond her mental limits will serve as a stimulant for those yearning to do more with their lives. A motivational tale of a woman who overcame her biggest critics, including her inner self, to achieve one dream after another.

    Kirkus Reviews