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  • It is in observing these cycles of sea and river, human and animal, that Minhinnick most excels, and his collection as a whole is beautifully and acoustically attuned to what is most precious in out lives and around us

    Suzannah V Evans

    New Welsh Review on Diary of the Last Man

  • A chance to hear the sky brought down to earth, absolutely stunning

    Tim Dee

    BBC broadcaster

  • Great night at @chaptergallery watching the Kendal Mountain Festival tour. Thoroughly recommended. @HuwJackBrass was 100% awe inspiring.


  • Only the second time coming up to the festival and found the three days an absolute pleasure - a really great mix of venues, events, speakers and of course the films themselves. Most of all I enjoyed watching some incredible feats being achieved on screen, popping to the bar after and bumping in to the very same people I had just witness on a rock face or in the Arctic. I would recommend anyone interested in adventure, the outdoors or someone who simply loves gripping, well produced films and documentaries to come along next year.

    James Philip Young

  • Elementum is a unique publication. It doesn't just have good writing in it (though it does that, and plenty of it), but it's as beautiful an object as anything on the market – and the photographs, paintings and drawings in it complement the words to stunning effect. A labour of love, and lovely in itself.

    Sam Leith

    Literary Editor, The Spectator

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