Watch 90 minutes of brand new adventure films from our 2019 International Film Competition presented by Pertex.

We’re delighted to announce the films within Collection Women Led.

Where the Wild Things Keep Playing

An ode to the athlete who relishes in getting dirty, who chuckles after a long day in the mountains, effortlessly glides through the crystal clear waves and most importantly, is unapologetic in pursuing their love of getting rowdy in adventures. Director Krystle Wright brings this next installment since the wild things never stopped playing.


For high school teacher and whitewater kayaker Crista Wiles, hucking 20-foot waterfalls isn’t a big deal. But to her, pushing her sport isn’t about taking on bigger risks. It’s about personal challenge, introducing new people to the rivers, and celebrating the tight-knit community that surrounds this niche sport.


This is the story of climber Gosia and her 10-year old daughter Olivia who both spend most of their free time in the Tatra National Park in Poland. Part of a film project on inspiring conservation stories across Europe’s most beautiful National Parks to raise awareness for environmental protection and conservation as well as creating a record of these beautiful landscapes.


This film follows ultrarunner Jasmin Paris and mum of two, and Helm Hill runner, Mhairi Helme with assistance from legendary climbers Dave Birkett and runner Josh Jardine. Fighting against time and the unpredictable harsh weather the pair battle on to try to complete an epic and unforgettable adventure in the Lake District.

Creek Sessions

Nature has a rhythm – it just takes one to tune into it. Jess Kilroy – musician, climber and conservationist – travels to wilderness areas around the West creating music from the natural sounds she finds there, with the goal of sparking people's love for these wild lands.


While the world’s best boulderers push standards close to the ground, Nina Williams’ sights are set higher. She is among the only women who climb elite-level problems that are 30, 40, even 50 feet tall - with no rope. In this profile of an emerging star athlete, Nina Williams flexes her guns and tests her nerves well into the no-fall zone.


Wild Swim is a collaboration born out of a shared love of wild swimming between Kate Drucquer, Whitney Blank and Amy Walker. Amy was living in the Yorkshire Dales whilst the film was shot so there were many locations to choose from but Janet's Foss proved the perfect location. The film brings together ideas around swimming for positive mental health and the joys of body acceptance in the wild swimming community.


When a woman is bedridden by a mysterious pathogen, a forest snail unexpectedly takes up residence on her nightstand. Together, the woman and snail share an intimate journey of survival and resilience.

Life of Pie

When Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller moved to the tiny, conservative high desert town of Fruita, Colorado almost twenty years ago it was not on the map as far as mountain biking was concerned. It was a small and tight knit community without much economic vitality. Jen and Anne have left an inedible imprint on Fruita — at the outset they were on the fringe and a bit ostracised, they’re now at the very heart and soul of the community.

Grandmother's Footsteps

When Hitler's troops entered Austria in 1938, many of Austria's jews fled the country. My mother and grandmother were among them. Looking over old family photographs, some of the landscapes look familiar so I decided to investigate.