Watch 90 minutes of brand new adventure films from our 2019 International Film Competition presented by Pertex.

We’re delighted to announce the films within Collection F.

Come on, try it with me…

A kayaking teacher throws her students into whitewater, runners make a street beat into a movement, a bachelor party smashes icebergs instead of long island iced teas, and Midland English runners pace themselves with pints to glory in the peaks.



What happens when a diverse handful of rebels across the globe co-opts a sport that was long the dominion of yuppies?


Over eight years ago, Julie and Robbie set about investigating the physical possibilities of moving and dancing together on the floor. The search for new ways of sharing everyday experiences in turn highlights problems to be solved through novel means.


After an ill-fated expedition to northern Patagonia, in search of one of the oldest living trees on Earth, three explorers reflect on their discoveries and what it means for the future of rainforests.


They say it takes a village to raise a child... But it takes an extraordinary village to raise a pair of Olympians.


The Dark Peak Fell Runners playground is the Peak District National Park where they weave tracks through the fields, peat bogs and rocky outcrops to create a tapestry of eccentricity, endeavour and endurance.

Pacific Lines

A story of cultural identity and rock climbing exploration as we follow one of Australia’s top rock climbers – 14 year old Angie Scarth-Johnson – on an adventure to a remote and rugged island in the South Pacific.After smashing climbing records around the world, Angie is now looking for her next challenge. She will journey to the Pacific island of ‘Eua with her family and friend Lee Cossey to explore her own ancestry, and search for a classic line on the wild frontier of rock climbing.