Mountain Equipment Alpinism Session, in partnership with The Alpine Club

Alpinism: Alive and Well?

This provocative theme forms the core of this year's event, exploring where alpine climbing sits in today's world.

How has media saturation affected alpinism, especially social media? Society in general is becoming more risk averse; is that true of climbing? What pressure does sponsorship add to brand athletes? Plus there's the question of carbon footprints; should this affect choices in a world of rapidly fading glaciation? Should we extend the ethics of alpinism to include sustainability? And what exactly are the challenges left? Our panel of well-known personalities will debate these issues, hoping to find a consensus along the way.

We're delighted with our panel of speakers for 2019:

Sir Chris Bonington

World-famous mountaineer and Festival patron who needs no introduction!

Tom Livingstone

Tom Livingstone is a climber and writer, based in North Wales (UK). He enjoys alpine, trad and winter climbing in the mountains. 

Nick Bullock

All-round mountaineer Nick Bullock, is one of Britain's finest alpinists and rock climbers, known for bold and audacious ascents, he is also a writer and occasional poet.

Katie Ives

Katie Ives is the editor-in-chief of Alpinist. A graduate of the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop and the Banff Mountain and Wilderness Writing Program.

Image © Jon Griffith

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In partnership with The Alpine Club

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