Thursday 04 June 2020 at 19:30 - 22:00

The Old Market

Kendal Mountain Festival Tour 2020 Brighton

Fire up your imagination with a thrilling night of adventure.

Watch a collection of our best short films on the big screen – stories of human endurance, breathtaking environments and soul-stirring journeys. 

Plus hear from Waldo Etherington and Matt Pycroft. A duo who have just returned from a month long expedition through the Guyana jungle with Leo Houlding where they successfully completed an epic free climb the prow of Mount Roraima, a 2,810-metre mountain with steep walls and a flat top. Waldo and Matt will share behind the scenes stories from this incredible adventure, taking on a 53-kilometer trek through untracked jungle amongst bird eating spiders, killer bees and venomous snakes before taking on difficult free climbing with regular deluges of heavy rain.

Waldo Etherington
You’ve never met anyone like Waldo Etherington. A self-proclaimed extreme recreational tree-climber who has vast experience as a canopy rigger in rainforests and big walls. As a rope access specialist he’s been on scientific expeditions, film shoots and world first journeys across the globe including the Mirror Wall expedition to Greenland in 2015.

Matt Pycroft
Matt Pycroft is a cameraman and director at Coldhouse Collective media productions, with an extensive portfolio of film-making credits and awards to his name. Matt specialises in working in remote and hostile environments, he has been director and principal photographer on numerous world class expeditions and has worked all over the world.

Matt has a passion for seeking out untold stories and his fascination with people and story extends in to his work 'out of hours' (as if there is such a thing), and his spare moments are spent working on a feature length documentary about the international urban exploration community that saw him arrested and interrogated by the Russian FSB in a Kazakh space station.

One of our presenting team will host the evening and there’ll be prizes from our tour partners.

This event is taking place at: The Old Market, 11A Upper Market St, Brighton BN3 1AS.

With thanks to our Tour Presenting Partner: