Friday 15 November 2019 at 12:00 - 13:30

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Findra Everyday Adventure

We believe that outdoor adventure is the perfect catalyst to free your body and mind from the demands of today’s world. To be 100% present in the moment and embrace something greater than our daily routine. As we become older we can often become weighed down with the responsibilities of raising children, caring for aging parents and/or maintaining a career; let alone feel comfortable with a body that we perceive to be no longer as strong or able. However we are often held back by things that are harder to understand; the fear of the unknown and how to manage the risks involved, thoughts that can clutter our minds and stop us from exploring.

Join us to hear from four inspiration people who have embraced new opportunities in their lives and how they have overcome their own barriers to access everyday adventures.

Hosted by Megan Hine, who through her work on television shows has explored the corners of the globe in pursuit of adventure and who understands the human ability and instinct for survival, and how those same attitudes and attributes help everyday people confront problems and obstacles at work and at home and can lead to a more adventurous life.

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